Monday, January 7, 2013

Throw Away Your Extra Baggage


When you stuff a room full of things, how would you feel?”
“Suffocated” Mark supplied.
“Exactly, you will not be able to breathe because there is no space for the air to pass and automatically, you will be a sick person. Likewise, your body has this airing system. It is all in the mind. If there are lots of things in your mind, your body, without your knowledge would be suffocated and automatically, you become a sick person. It is the body’s way of throwing the clutter out. But does it go?”All shook their heads.
“But Rafael, what is the connection of the mind to the body?”
“Mind controls the body of a Human Being, Mathew.”
“Really! That’s real news to me.”
“Hmmm. So whatever happens to your body is with the full knowledge of your mind or in short we can say, it is the creation of the mind.”
“I don’t understand Rafael . Would you please explain it?”
“Sure, Rebecca, this is a story of a girl named Martha. She was a very frightened kid. She was very frightened of heights, darkness, water and almost everything. So one day her father decided to tackle her fright. He said, “Child, I’m going to some very beautiful places, which I would never miss it for anything else in this world, if I don’t see now, then I will not have the opportunity to see it. Would you like to come?” Martha nodded excitedly. “I would love to come with you, dad.” Her dad nodded and said, “But there is one condition. I’ll blind fold you until the destination, then when we reach there, I’ll show you. It's a surprise.” Martha nodded and said, “O.K.” The duo started the journey and the father brought her on top of the Alps and opened her blind from her eyes. Martha couldn’t believe the beauty of the place, that she forgot, that she was standing in one of  the highest point of the world, she said, “Oh dad, it's true, what you said, if you hadn’t shown me, I too would have missed this beautiful place. Thank you very much dad.” She embraced her dad. Her father extricated her and held her hands. “Martha, now I want you to look down.” Martha did as was told and she saw the deep ravines and got scared, he tightened her grip and closed her eyes and asked. “But dad, how did we reach here?” “The same way you just saw, from the deep ravines.” “And nothing happened to us?” Her father nodded in the negative, “No Martha, in fact something good happened, we were shown such beautiful view, where no one is able to see. Now Martha open your eyes dear, nothing happened as you feared, now you know, the truth is different from what you thought”, “Yes dad, what you said is true. I thought heights are dangerous and that is why I didn’t like to go anywhere. I didn’t know my thoughts are so powerful.” Her father nodded, “Now you know, your thoughts can make you do what it wants?” Martha nodded, “Yes dad, next time, I’ll check the truth before I think, so that I do not get the wrong ideas.” Her father nodded and threw the blindfold in the air. “But dad why did you do that?”. “So that you don’t miss the downward progress and the wayside beauty.” She nodded and they returned safely.
“Wow! Rafael I didn’t know, that much power mind held on us. So what should we do to throw these extra thoughts?”
“So now you know, thoughts can make you as well as break you. Let us travel together to know how we can throw the excess baggage.” be contd...(6)
Until Then...
          Take Care...

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