Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Weirdness of Creation

“But Rafael, I can’t really accept this theory of God and He creating the Universe. Its simply foolish to think, that there is something which cannot be touched or seen.”
“Hmmm. Thank you Rebecca for openly saying it, I appreciate your frankness.” Rebecca coloured.
 “Come, we’ll find a comfortable place. I feel like to sit on the beach. What do you think?” All smiled and immediately they were transposed to a very large good looking beach. The place was deserted. The sun was so high, that they selected a shade  of the tree and sat there, stretching their legs.
“So Rafael, would you mind continuing where we left?”
“Sure Mathew”
“Look at the vastness of the sea. It's so huge that if a big wave comes, would we be able to stop it?” Rebecca shivered
“You’re making me scared Rafael?”
“Rebecca, I want you to look at the power in all the things I’m saying. Just feel it. Because you have to know the presence of God,  who God is? The power He holds. No human being can become God. So I want to show the difference between God and us.” All nodded.
“If a mountain ruptures and the volcano flows out, will man be able to contain it? When a tornado comes, will man able to rein it? When Tsunami comes, will man be able to stop it?”
“No Rafael.”
“That’s right, it's a No. 
At that moment a man came with a small bucket, a shovel and a rucksack. And he stopped close by to them and placed all his things on the ground. He then looked around the place. He took some sand and made a ball. Then he threw it back to the ground. Then he moved away and did the same procedure for sometime. At last he found a place.
“What was he searching, Rafael?”
“Why don’t we ask him, Mark?
“But we are invisible. And it is not wise to make us visible. What do you think Rafael? Should we have to make ourselves visible?”
“No Mark. You have a point there. So we’ll do one thing, we’ll wait him to continue.
“Hmmmm.” “Hey! Wait a minute!” All looked at Mark.
“What is it Mark?” Mathew asked
“I know what he is planning to do- a sand castle or something of that sort. Look at the bucket, the shovel and the rucksack, it might be full of small small things. Rafael, can I go near the man? I’d like to learn, how he is making it.”
"Why not we all go and watch?" All nodded.
“He just took, three hours to build such a big castle. And imagine, how much time, it’d take to build a real castle. Might be 10 years, what do you think Rafael?”
“To be frank, I have not thought about the years,  Mathew. The only thing we architects think is the end result. It should be strong, beautiful and resilient.”
“Yes, Resilient. It should be of use, even after 100 years because when we make something, we do not plan to dismantle every winter or summer, it should be a lifelong asset. So naturally, the different generation which would live in the place, should feel comfortable with the structure." all nodded.
"Now look at this nature. Do you know, how long has it been here?” All shrugged and nodded in the negative. “To tell you the truth, even I too don’t know. But might be thousands or millions of years, but one thing we are sure, we are very comfortable living here, isn’t it?” All nodded
“Yes, this nature has been resilient, ” Rafael smiled.
“Yes Mark. Very Resilient.”
“Nature is also a school. It is an open book, which God has given us to show who He is. Seeing the ocean and it's waves, mountains, the Sun and the stars and everything around us shows His majesticity.” All nodded.
“Now the intricacies of nature, which means, how each creature has been given it's own identity - A unique feature. I have always wondered the details our nature has bestowed for us to learn. Have you seen the construction of the houses of birds and animals?”
“All nodded yes.”
“They have no educational qualification. But still they build such beautiful nests, and I have always been awed by their way, they find the exact place, the way they build it. The tailor bird has it's nest with just two to three leaves and so perfectly they stitch that even a tailor would put to shame, isn’t it?”
“Yes Rafael, it's true. It's really incredible, such small a creature can do such perfect job.” Mark said reminiscently.
“Have you seen the nest of Bee Humming bird?”
“World’s smallest bird?” Monica asked
“Yes. the smallest bird in nature.” Rafael nodded
“Wow! Are you planning to show us it's nest?
“Hmmhmm I think, it's time to leave this place too. Come, and they started walking and then Rafael asked “Each one hold your neigbour’s hand.” All the kids did as was told and Rafael took Mathew’s hand and said, “OK. Now we go.” And they landed in the most beautiful garden imaginable. It was a riot of colours. So much flowers in one place, the fragrance of the flowers was really a heady experience.
Rafael took them to a small shrub and he pointed to a small nest which was attached to the leaves. Using bits of cobwebs, bark, and lichen, they saw a cup-shaped nest which was smaller than half a walnut shell. The nest was built on single clothespins. The nest was lined with soft plant fibre. Spider silk was used to bind the nest material together and secure the structure to its support. And in the nest the bird had laid two eggs, which was no bigger than peas.
“Look, with how much care and intricacy it has been built? It is really an architectural marvel.” The female bird fluttered around the nest as if sensing the presence of intruders.
“Come we better move off.” Then they sat on one of the benches set between the lawns and trees and Rafael gave them their food packs. Time was one thing which they had not taken into account. They had their tiffin and some hot drinks for the evening, silently thinking of the day, which they had just passed through. They completed their snack and returned back their packets to Rafael who disposed it off into thin air, within no time. They were not surprised because from the very first day they went to enrol themselves with Rafael, everything was unique around him.
“So what do you think? What have you learned today? Anything new?” Rafael asked looking at the kids directly.” No one spoke.
“What happened, all are quiet? Is it too much for one day?”
“ you showed us has no words to explain. It was simply awesome. I feel very small when I saw the perfection that this small bird has performed in building it’s nest.”
“I think we all feel the same, Rebecca.” Mathew interjected.
“Good. So you all are awed seeing only a small nest. Then what you’d feel, if you look at this nature as a whole? The perfection in its composition. The perfection given even to the smallest details of nature. How much energy the creator might have  put into it and the continuity which takes place from as long as man could ever think into. Have you thought about it? ”
“No Rafael, we have never thought about it in that sense. We have actually taken it for granted, it was there when we were small and it is still there and it is continuing to be there and we think, it would be there for the future, for many many years.” Rebecca said a bit sadly. “But now I know, that just like the nest of the bird, it has it’s life span. If we do not take care of it, the chances of making it lost to us would be not very far. I feel, our Creator,  really loved us to set us in this perfection.” All nodded
“Well, that was a very wise message Rebecca.” Rafael said smiling.
“But Rafael, what about the first life? How did life came into existence? How were the atoms made into this form? Since you proved, that the nature we see is not an accident but a planned creation? A creation with love... ” be contd (9)...
Untill tomorrow
Take Care

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