Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Promises Kept


 “Rafael, I know, its not fair to say, but God made this universe as a maze, if he is a loving God, He would never have given us such a complicated nature to live in, don’t you think?” Rafael smiled.

“Rebecca, God has never made any maze, this maze has been created by human beings itself.”

“Are you sure? Now I really am in the maze. How did man create it, Rafael?”

“As in the story, I told yesterday, when the door of the palace closed, the source of light, food, water, air all got blocked, darkness fell upon us, no food, water or air and when all these things are denied, what will happen Rebecca?”
“Exactly, death is the ultimate end but until then, we roam about the whole palace in search of other doors or any opening of sort and while moving we knock on furnitures, trip on the carpet, slip and fall because we cannot see in the darkness. And who is to blame for this plight of us, the king or us?  Who created this maze, God or We?”

“Sorry God, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Yes Rafael, 100% “We are the maze creators.”

“Good, Now you wanted to know about the promise.” All nodded.

"Do you really believe that God promised to send a Saviour to save mankind, Rafael?
“Yes, Mark, I do believe.”
“Why should God promise?”
“Before I continue, let me ask you a question. What is your favourite thing, Monica?  Very precious to you?  Which you will never part with to anybody?”

“My Violin”

“Hmmm. If you gave it to your best friend, just to look and when you find she has broken it?”

“Oh no! I would never ever talk to her. I really would never be able to forgive her. I really cannot even imagine it.” Monica spoke angrily.

“I can imagine that, but if she is your most best friend and if you would like to continue her friendship, what should be done?”

“Well naturally, I expect a heartfelt apology from her and even then, I do not know, whether I could forgive her, but if she does something really heartfelt as a form of apology, maybe I’ll accept her as friend.”

“Why don’t you go and make friends with her?”

“Rafael, I didn’t break this relationship. She did it by her action. If I go and make friendship, how will she know, how much precious, was my violin which she broke, and that too without a thought? That type of  relationship don’t stay”

“Exactly  Rebecca, that is what I wanted to show, the difference between God and man.”
“Before I start, I want you to know, that we need God to complete our existence, but did you know that God too needs our presence?”
“Really? Why do you feel like that Rafael?”
 “Our creation is proof enough, children. When God created all creatures, He just commanded “Let it be created” and it came into existence. But for man, He used His own hand, His own spittle and His own breath and created us in His own image and whatever He had He passed on to us. What does that mean, Mark?”
“It means, that even before we were born, He loved us and knew us to the very minutest detail and gave us the very best.” All eyes gazed at Mark in surprise.
“Yes Mark, that is impressively put and there is one more significance in our creation. For man, God would come down to the very Earth. So you know how much He loves you,” All nodded.
“So when we disobeyed Him, what will be His situation, children?”
“If I was in God’s place, I’d really be heartbroken and stop completely whatever relationship I have with human race.” All nodded
“Yes Monica, but God is not like that, He so loves us that He is hurt because of our unhappiness.”

“Ohhh!!!! it really gives us hope.”

“Yes, Monica, it not only gives hope, it gives the much needed help from God. Without His intervention we will not be able to reconnect the bridge between God and man. A blind man can never find his way, unless a person who has sight shows us the way. And only God has it. So He promised, that He will help us to return to Him.”

“And did He fulfill it?”

“Yes, Monica, He fulfilled it at the right time.”

“When? Or is it How?” All smiled

“Both questions are necessary Rebecca, When the right time came. God again repeated creation.”

“Do you mean to say, that God created all what we see again?”

“No Mark, this time, He created only a  Man and a Woman.”

“Really, Wow! Did he again mix the Earth with His spittle, Rafael?”

“No, this time, Man was not created from soil. He was created by the spirit of God. And the newly created man was God Himself.”

“You mean to say, that God as we now saw, God the Supreme, The Creator, came down to Earth, a second time?”

“Yes, Mathew, He manifested Himself as the Son of God on this very Earth.”

“But that is complicating, Rafael, How did God the Father become the Son of God?”

“Who is your father, Mark?”

“My father is Dr. Robert, Rafael.”

“That means, you have all the characteristics of your father, the look, the attitude, habits, thoughts. Does that mean you are Dr. Robert?”

“Rafael, how come that be possible? I would always be his son, not him or his father. Well everybody says, that I’m his prototype.” All smiled and nodded

“In short you are junior Dr. Robert?”

“Of course Rafael, I’m junior Dr. Robert.”

“Exactly Mark, when God came into this world He made Himself visible as a human being with the Spirit of Himself, which you people know as “Jesus”. A pure Man with no flaws.
“Oh!!! Jesus – The Son of God. No wonder, He told, “No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God.”

“Yes, Mathew, that’s right. So you are reading the scriptures. I’m glad.” He patted Mathew on the shoulder, Rebecca, wowed at him. Mathew blushed beet red, when he became the focus of all attention.

“So The Son of God – The Man – Jesus, knew, who was God. He knew, everything about God because He was God, as the spirit of God was always with Him.”

“Really Rafael, I really feel like a fraud. I just am feeling how unthinkable and good for nothing can I be? Don’t I have a strain of gratitude towards the creator?”

“Don’t blame anybody, only when the secrets are unraveled will we know the value of our existence, the gift we have received. So don’t under rate our existence, we are really capable of all Godly feelings.” All nodded.

“Thanks Rafael for the support.” Rafael smiled and continued

“God knew, we are not capable of that heartfelt apology.”


“Hmm Mathew, Heartfelt - A feeling coming from the heart. Do you know what it is?”


  “Yes Love. Anything done out of love would always be acceptable and it surely is heartrending. God wanted only love from Man. But man coming from soil isn’t capable of that emotion to the very core. So God, who is the epitome of Love created from Himself a Love incarnate to erase all our mistakes.” He continued.

“The Son of God showed us the way, the procedures to get back to heaven and along with it to make a heartfelt apology on behalf of the whole mankind.”

 “Whole mankind? I thought it was just the first parents’ mistake.”

“No Mathew, the whole mankind because that mistake has been continuing till the last human born on this Earth. They are the bloodline of the first parents.” All nodded.

 “I think, its time to stop for today. We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded.

....... to be contd....(14)...

Until Then...

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