Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Power of Thought


God created this world because He wished for it and His wish was so strong that it happened.”
“But I thought God created this Universe with a Word.” Mark queried.
“Don’t you know, word is not formed just like that? it is formed  from an idea which has it's source from the mind and that idea is what we call wish. If God can create the Earth, the Sun, The Moon, The oceans and all the living things in it by just words, then you would know how much power thoughts holds, ideas holds. And the seat of all these is the mind.”
“But you are a shark, how do you know all these?”
“I am not a shark, I am what you wished for. I look like a shark. You wanted somebody to speak and you wanted somebody intelligent and all these things were formed as me. And you wanted to follow, Mathew, and we are doing just that.”
“Can I talk with Rebecca?”
“Sure. Call Rebecca.”
“Just like you are talking to me.” Mark’s eyes widened. He closed his eyes and called,
“What! Why are you shouting?”
“Whooa. How did you know to speak like that?”
“I was hearing your conversation.”
“Really, but how?”
“How did you speak with your shark friend without opening your mouth and still you are getting all the answers, like that.   I was concerned about you, and then I started hearing your conversation, loud and clear.” I think we are speaking with thoughts, without making any noise and we can hear it so perfectly  proving that thoughts can travel as sound waves too because, we wished for it and the mind is making it happen, whatever you are thinking, I am hearing and whatever I’m thinking you are hearing. No wonder, Rafael saw all our thoughts on the first day.
“Rebecca do you think, this water holds some magic?  Just imagine, all these weird things happening. But I simply feel  superb, how about you?”
“Me too.”
“Shark, how long will it take to reach Mathew?”
“I’m here.” Mathew waved at them.
They climbed down the shark and sat on the rocky terrain in the ocean floor. Mathew was sitting there, with his friend shark. There was a shiver of sharks, all conversing with each other, it was just like a conference. They were all talking about the oil slick near the ocean mouth, where they used to get food. Mathew, Mark and Rebecca could understand their language or were they speaking in human language?

"Use Words Wisely, Don't take them lightly."
To be contd....(5)
Until Then
         Take Care

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