Friday, January 11, 2013

The Orderliness of Creation

“Before moving to the next topic, one more thing, I would like to add regarding the creation, The orderliness of nature". Look at the nature, The sun rises, sun sets, every living being wakes up when the sun comes out and rests, when the sun sets, the moon comes out and some nocturnal animals wake up and moon goes, along with it these animals too. What do you think children, am I right?”
“To the very last word, Rafael.”
“Do you think, that could happen, if it came accidentally?” All nodded in the negative.
“I don’t think so Rafael, there might be life, but with this much order, I don’t think so?”
“Good Rebecca. Now I am going to ask you all a very personal question” all nodded.” Have you all seen a just born baby?”
“Yes” all chorused
“Good, what does he do?”
“Cry and smile, eat and do nature’s call, sleep and wake, play on his bed.” All nodded
“Thank you Monica, That sums it all up, Good. Now after that what happens?”
“He tries to move from the position he is left and after some months, he tries to sit, then again after some months, tries to walk on his own two legs by then he will become a toddler, from there he becomes a child and then a boy, then an adolescent, a young man, a man, middle aged man and last an old man. Am I right, Rafael?”
“Yes, thank you Mark, the life stages of man is all there. Now, look at the order of the growth of a small baby to an old man, it has a time period, it has different stages and the functions they can do in each stages both physically and mentally are also charted, isn’t it?” All nodded.
“Do you think, man can change this order?”
“You might be crazy to think like that Rafael. Just imagine, a baby becoming a man within two years or even if it is 10 years. It really isn’t right, Is it Rafael?”
“Yes Mathew, it would create disorder. It would never be right and there would be no perfection in it too. A child should be born after 9 months, 9 days, 9 hours 9 minutes and 9 seconds. That is the time stipulated. During that time, it grows in the mother's womb, developing all its faculties as nature has been ordered to do and if we try to change it, then the child would never be perfect, he would have his imperfections both mentally and physically.”
“But Rafael, I don’t think, I can accept that, my cousin’s child was born when he was only 7 months old. Luckily, the doctor was able to save him, well he was in the incubator for months, but still they saved him and he has all the faculties, not only that, there isn’t any deformities in his physical structure. But he has a problem with his eyes, he uses glasses. But most of us uses it for some reason or the other, isn’t it?” All nodded.
“You are right Rebecca, lucky that your cousin was able to save his child, that is a milestone, human race achieved, but as you said, if he was a normal baby, he would not have needed the incubator, because, his lungs or the heart or the stomach and all the internal parts have not been developed to face the world outside, that’s why, manually we are giving an atmosphere, just like the womb of a mother, without the interference of any outside conditions, to let it grow, until it comes of age, 9:9:9:9. But that growth would have its flaws, it would never be perfect as the normal kid. So that is why animals, lets its offspring die, if its weakling. That doesn’t mean, that man has to do just that, I’m saying that nature’s way of growth is perfect, we would never find a flaw in it.” All nodded.
“I know, you are not so sure of what I said, lets take an example of a tree, it sprouts from a single seed, it grows and become a plant and this plant grows to become a tree and after that a very big tree. Now man can do the same in a lab, he can produce a perfect seed in the laboratory and make it sprout and then he can plant it in the outside world and pamper it with the right nutrients and can produce the big tree, right?”
“Right Rafael, perfectly right Rafael. So man is able to create his own plant, of his own liking fruit, with his own two hands.”
“Yes Monica, its true, but there is a simple hiccup. How long will the plant be able to sustain on its own? Always, man has to give something or the other to make it stay healthy, Does the normal tree need any of these?"
All nodded in the negative." Which means, the nature provides for it, it has been taken care of without the need of any human intervention. You have seen children making models with clay or plaster of Paris or anything, they look at the beauty around and do the perfect models, but would it be of use to anybody? It becomes a show piece for some time and afterwards a junk. It cannot be replaced for the original piece, which is too perfect.”
“You are right, Rafael, I was just imagining, the artists, who draw pictures, paints it, there are some, who do it so perfectly, that we feel awed, but just imagine the master creator, who gave the artists food for thought. How much of perfection He might be and how much knowledgeable to show us so much facets for each creation of this nature. But Rafael, I do not understand why haven’t we acknowledged His presence? His creativity? Value His creations? Its too bad, isn’t it?” All nodded
“Yes Mathew, that’s right, that’s why He Himself brought us together, so you be aware that your creation is not an accident, but a pre planned act.”
“Oh! I really don’t have words to say for that, just imagine I’m one in many but still my presence here as planned.”
“Yes Rebecca, it’s a well planned master plan, This is one point, I want to make today, No creation is by accident, each moment is planned, the coming and going, the living and cherishing and all that, but there is a purpose for it. That we should know. So once more I say, open all your faculties to the very maximum, use only for the best, accept what is good, which not only helps you grow, but others too.”  All nodded.
“And the last thing, Our Creator has given all His faculties to you while creating you, so you have the power of Him in you, but we should never ever think, that we can be above the master creator. Now I am going to rename our “Master Creator” as God, personally I call “God my Father”. But for the time being, I’ll just call Him " God.” All nodded. 

"So now you know a mere creation of man doesn’t make him God, instead think, that he has honed one of his faculties to the maximum perfection, so that he becomes a role model to others. So an explanation of nature which could be accommodated in the minds of human beings is not the answer to the real origin, it is just packing our intelligence and knowledge in a box and storing it for posterity and making us stagnant. Never do that, as the vistas open up, open your hearts and minds and see it, the answers would come naturally, but only in spurts, not the whole thing and it comes in its own good time. So don’t put a final concept to any human speculation, because, nature has still to show its other capabilities, so wait and see its orderliness, its beauty as the show is still on....”
“Now we understand, Rafael. We will open our hearts and minds, sure.”
“OK then, its time to leave.” be continued (10)....
Until Then....
          Take Care. Bye

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