Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Intricacies of Creation


 “What is nature?” Rafael asked smiling
“The Earth, water, air surrounding it and all the living things in it.” Mathew spoke.
“Wrong?” All chorused.
“Yes wrong. Nature is just atoms - A group of atoms.”
“Hmm, the atoms you studied in your science class. The basic building block of all things in nature, which consists of protons, neutrons and electrons.”
“But Rafael, how can that be possible?” Rebecca enquired. Rafael smiled. Now we are going back to the creation of this universe.
Come I wanted to show you another thing.” They all went to the building site, where the walls were being raised. They saw, each brick being placed one over the other. It was so systematic, that the design of boxes came perfectly. They looked at the wall growing for sometime, then Rafael asked,
“Have you seen this before?”
“Yes Rafael.” All four chorused
“I thought so. But the question I want to ask  is, have you seen this design anywhere other than buildings? Which is naturally formed?” They all looked at each other. Then Monica replied,
“Plant cells?”
“Very good Monica. You said exactly the same I was thinking.” Rafael said smiling
“Now look at the skin of your hands.” All looked at their hands.
“What do you think? Do you have any ideas coming to your mind?”
“It is like the bricks but a bit small and  different in shape.” Mark replied.
“Even I too am of the same opinion. Rafael replied. So now, Ajay’s teacher would reach his class any moment now. I do not want to miss it. Come.” Immediately they reached a classroom. No teacher was inside and Ajay was sitting in the front row. He was searching for something in his bag. He took his book and kept it on his table. The teacher arrived and all stood up, including the visitors. All wished the teacher, prayed and sat down. The visitors took their place, behind other students. The teacher began.
“Today I have a very interesting lesson to teach you. It is about building blocks. Do you know what is a building block?”
“Yes miss.  Bricks.” One robust boy stood up and spoke.”
“Good, Romy. You have spoken of building blocks used in construction works. Now I am going to give you an information, this information you should never forget. It is useful till the very end of life. All sat straight and were all ears. The teacher had ignited their interest. Ajay turned and smiled at his neighbour.
“Do you know, that the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the plants, the animals, man and whatever is there around us have building blocks?”
All said in unison, “No miss.”
“Have you seen a mason building a house?”
“Yes Miss.”
“And how does he build it?”
“With Bricks”
“Good, likewise, all living and non-living things are made up of building blocks which we call atoms.”
“Yes, atoms. It is the name of the building blocks that all things are made of ?”
“So what is the name of the building blocks, children?” Teacher enquired
“Atoms” the whole class chorused.
“Good.  the table you have kept your book, the book, the chair you sit, the air you breathe, the water you drink and you, are all made of atoms.”
“Can we see the atoms, miss?” one girl asked
“We cannot see it with our naked eyes Sarah. We will have to use the microscope.”
“But how big is the atom miss?”
“Well, that is a bit complicated Elsa. But I’ll try to explain, in the language you understand.”  All nodded.
“Take an ant. Cut it into 100 pieces.”
“Miss, it's difficult to cut it into 4 pieces. Then how are we going to cut it into 100?” Elsa continued. The teacher smiled and replied.
“Yes, I know Elsa but I want to say how small would an atom be. So imagine you have cut an ant to 100 pieces and take 1 small piece. What would you see?”
“Nothing miss.”
“Yes Ajay, you won’t be able to see anything with your bare eyes and atom is smaller than that piece.” Everybody heaved a sigh.”
“Miss, do you mean to say that this small atom is used to make me, this big. So then the elephant is also made with atoms, right?”
“Yes Tara, everything is made up of atoms and there are crores and crores of atoms used to make all things living and non-living.” Then there were lots of discussions and jokes and the recess bell rang, the teacher left and the students too followed from the class and Rafael nodded. 
"Just a moment, I'll just say bye to Ajay and come." Mark got up and went to Ajay, who was keeping his books back. Mark slowly went and sat near him and took the last book and gave it to Ajay. Ajay's eyes widened because, he had the same experience the very morning. 
"Hey Ajay", Mark whispered to Ajay, "Don't be afraid, I'm your friend, Mark. I was the person, who woke you up in the morning and I'm not a ghost. I just came by to say bye to you but before leaving I want to say, "be a good boy and obey your parents and study nicely, then you'll get lots of gift from God." Ajay nodded smiling.
"Thank you Mark, I'll do that. Would I be able to shake your hand Mark?"
"Sure, why not?" Ajay raised his palm and Mark took hold of it in a strong grip and shook his hand." 
"Bye, Ajay, Your friend is coming." Ajay nodded
"Bye Mark. I wish, I could see you."
"I'll come in person, don't worry" and left.
Ajay was smiling with raised hand and talking to someone, when his friend Amal arrived. Amal looked questioningly at Ajay. "Are you OK?"
"Yeah, no problem" Amal shrugged and sat beside Ajay.
 came out of the class and others followed suit.
“So is there any questions for you guys?”
“Rafael, I studied all these. But the questions I had not thought then has just sprouted in me.” If we had not seen the construction of the house, then I think, I would not have thought about it. But that picture is still fresh in my mind. We saw a mason keeping block by block and making a house. But who did put all these atoms in so perfect an order to make us, the air, the water, the living things, etc...?”
“I’m glad, you asked Mark. That is what I want to make you known. There is a mason, who did all these – “The one and only one, God”.”
 “But how did God make it happen? In science they don’t say anything about God.”
“Yes Rebecca, in science, they have formed lots of theories, proving the formation of Earth, “I know you are a bit confused, your science teacher would say, Earth came into existence billions of years ago as a result of breaking out from a bigger mass and after a lot of collision, volcanic eruptions, and evolution, the present nature came into existence.” the heavenly bodies, the first life, etc... But if these theories were correct, then the nature would create only destruction, not life. 

"When we see a new life being formed in a mother’s womb,  man or animal, when a new fruit is formed on a plant, do we see any destruction?” All nodded in the negative.
“Yes, it's peaceful, it's formed in the silence. All these things has to be felt or perceived  in order to know the subtlety of creation."

"It is impossible to understand nature, with one class or one session or one year, its a life long process, just like the atoms, one by one, we get it, then you will feel, how small we are in this big universe, just like a grain of sand in the beach - a non entity. I just am giving only the basics, so that you be aware of your nature by building each block of information, experience and knowledge above it." All nodded
"So we just shelve science and theories and proof for the time being, because life cannot be explained with science alone. It's above all that. But I want you to live another aspect of life. See life (just like a third party look at the treasures you receive on a daily basis, moment basis) and feel life (and be grateful to the provider) - The heartbeat of life (without that, you are a dead person, take it as a gift and do good, each moment). All nodded.

"The beauty of life can be felt every moment, Just touch your heart,  look at your eyes, it can produce both happiness & tears, your lips it can bring smile & hatred so much is there in the life we have. When we give the right thing, it becomes good and the beauty passes on to others." Can you explain all these with science?
“We don’t think so Rafael .”
“Yes, I too am of the same opinion. So now whatever I’m saying, hear it with your heart. Imagine the power behind it and live accordingly. Everybody nodded. be contd....(8)
Until Tomorrow
Take Care

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