Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Continuity of Creation


 “Today’s topic is the Continuity of creation. You saw, how wonderfully and aesthetically interwoven, this nature is. Now its time to go in depth to the foundation of creation.”
“Rafael, don’t you think, its too tough a subject to be of understanding to us?”
“I thought so too, but don’t worry, no one needs degrees or diplomas to get to know, God’s plans. The most essential two factors to be near to God is “Truthfulness and Love”, then He will give you whatever you ask for.” All nodded.
“Now to the subject, There is one thing, which repeats itself, in all the creations in this nature.”
“Really? What is it”
“It is a “ZERO”.
“Zero?” all chorused together.
“Yes Zero. What’s the specialty of Zero?”
“It doesn’t have a beginning or an end. We do not know, where it starts or where it ends.”
“Exactly Mark, it has no beginning or an end, all living beings are connected to a cycle. First the life cycle of man, then the time cycle, day cycle, year cycle, weather cycle, on goes the cycless.... and that is round and goes on and on for generations .” All nodded.
“You are right Rafael, our life is a zero. How come we didn’t notice it?”
“You did now Mathew, Which proves that there is time for everything to happen. Never rush, Even if you want to rush, its futile, you will still be in that cycle, you will never reach the stipulated goal, earlier than planned but instead you would be deviated from your goal because of your hurry. So better wait for the right moment and reach your destination, peacefully.” All nodded.
“Hearing it, I feel, I’m in a Spider’s Web Rafael. Don’t you think, it’s a bit suffocating, when we are always in this maze of cycles?”
“Yes Monica, that is what it is, this nature is a maze and we are running the same way and the same experiences for centuries.”
“No wonder, the elders say, “We have ridden the same boat.”
“Exactly Mathew. That is why, elders say obey them because they try to save us from mishap, danger and bad experience.”
“But Rafael, do you mean to say, God purposely put us in this snare?”
“No Mathew, We did.”
“Ex......actly, “We”. We are the products of our forefathers and they made a choice and that fruits we are reaping.”
“Sorry, Rafael, I didn’t get you.”
“I’ll give an example, a simple one.” All nodded.
“A girl elopes with a boy,” Rebecca gasped “The choice was theirs to live happily ever after and they did live, but not happily because the boy realized, that the girl was not what he had expected. He had some dreams and aspirations regarding his wife. But unfortunately it didn’t complete with the girl.”
“Oh How sad.”
“Yes, its sad and there didn’t end the problem, when the boy finds that the girl isn’t up to his expectations, he gave her the hell of a life. She tries to makes him happy and to change his attitude towards her. Since she was in the wrong in the eyes of her family and the society, adding to that nowhere  to go, she didn’t bare her hardships to anyone, she tolerated everything silently, did all the jobs, which she had never ever done before. She tried to become a role model wife, but it didn't reach her husband,  a good daughter-in-law, friend and ultimately mother.
"The boy expressed his displeasure openly, taunted her whenever he comes face to face with girl and ends it by saying, “You are not what I expected. Can I kill you? Can you get out of my life? Why are you still here?”
“Oh Rafael, it might have been a nightmare.”
“Yes, Monica, a nightmare not only for the girl, but also for the boy too.”
“But that’s not fair, Rafael, Its the boy who is creating the nightmare? He is the person who brought her out of her house? Eloping is done when the boy calls the girl, with an ultimatum.”
“Yes, its true, but when we live together, we come to know the real person, the boy had his aspirations, ambitions and expectations which were dashed just having to live with the most opposite girl, he had thought of. How long would you be able to tolerate a person, whom we really hate from the very bottom of the heart?”
“Yes, Rafael, you are right, it sure is a nightmare for both of them. But what about the girl. She too might have had her own aspirations and expectations?”
“Yes she too had, to have a stable family life, a loving husband, loving children with a steady income and a home to live.”
“She tried her level best, to make her husband love her, accept her,  but even after their children grew up, she was not able to make him love her. As the years passed, he just became a bigger Goliath than he used to be and one fine day, he threw her out of the house, so meanly that she left home with tears.”
“She left to a far off land, never to return, thinking, at least, let the boy live in peace, with an ending of “Happily Ever After.”
“But that’s terrible.”
“Yes it is terrible Monica, when a link breaks from the chain of relationship, not only for the girl, but for all the people connected to the girl hurts. When you look behind, it’s a repetition of the link the girl broke from her own family. Now her link is broken with her family and it would go on until one of her sons in the future generation, joins it.”
“But Rafael, how does this story have a connection with nature of nature becoming Zero?”
“"What did the girl do in the first place?”
“Left home.”
“Exactly, Mathew, left home, without the permission of her family. Its disobedience. She disobeyed her parents. So the consequences of disobedience is what she is facing. That's why I told, We are the products of our forefathers and they made a choice and that fruits we are reaping”
“But Rafael, in this creation, who disobeyed whom?” Rafael smiled.
“That’s a long story, which I’m planning to start tomorrow.” All nodded.
“But Rafael, in the meantime, can I ask one question?”
“Sure Rebecca, what is it?”
“What would happen to the girl. Now she has left her home and she is totally alone. How is she going to face life utterly alone?”
“Good question Rebecca. There are lots of factors and facets in human life, which you would learn in this journey"
"For making your life smooth there is one Law, which is very apt, "Newton's Third law of Motion."

“For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.”

“Exactly Mark, As I told you, the girl tried to become a good wife. Good friend, Good daughter-in-law. For that she might have done something good. If so, then naturally, she will have to receive good in return. A magnet does not have to call the iron filings to get its attention. It automatically comes. Likewise, only good people can come to her, help her and wherever she is, she would be accepted, appreciated and well cared. Not one single moment, she blamed her circumstance because, she believed that she is the sole reason for all her misery and she is right. She made the choice. Even if the boy had asked, she could have said, No, whatever the reason. So there is nobody to blame for her plight. She also believes, all are entitled for a happy ending.”
“Rafael, that’s lovely, she is really a courageous girl. And as you said, with the power of thoughts, I think she sure would have a happy ending.”
“Yes, Rebecca, you are right. She sure will have a very happy ending and greater glory.” All were silent, thinking of a ruptured family and the plight of the girl.
“And about the boy?” Rafael smiled.
“Naturally, he was relieved, because, he doesn’t have to face the devil incarnate of a wife without killing her. Now  he is in search of his dream partner and companion.”
“Will he get, her?”
“That is the problem Mathew, Man thinks, that everything in nature is perfect, but it is not so, he would never get it. The boy might marry, but still he will be unhappy and plan to throw the next girl too. It’s the zero coming back to his life. Since the girl knew the basis of existence, she decided to go deep into herself in search of the real truth and not chase the elusive happiness.”
“And what about their children, Rafael?”
“That is the sad part, they are the people who would suffer more and that is what I plan to say tomorrow. As I said, We are the products of our forefathers and they made a choice and that fruits we are reaping” All nodded be contd...(12).....

Until then....
                   Take care......Bye



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