Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Complexity of Nature

“Hey Rafael, why are we in a garden and that too so early?”
“Shhhhh. Just feel the silence and watch the blooming of flowers. Come sit, look at this rose bud, reign your thoughts and watch this spectacle.” Rafael whispered, all nodded and sat near the rose bush. The bud had already come out of its outer covering. The time was dark, nothing moved there was no breeze, the atmosphere had come to a standstill and thus stayed the whole world to watch the rose bloom. Then it moved, the tight lock, which kept all the petals together opened up like a fish’s mouth coming up for air.
“Wow! What a grand display in the silence of nature. Its simply superb, isn’t it?” Mark whispered. All nodded for words were trivial in front of this magnificience and slowly the bloom opened up to a small rose bud right to pluck from the plant.
“Come, we better move off, I have one more thing to show, before the sun comes out to its highest glory.”
“ Hey, we have the whole beach for ourselves.”
“Yes, Rebecca, we watch the sunrise. What’s the time now, Mathew?”
“Hmmm, now breathe slowly and deeply. And look at the point where the sky meets the ocean and keep your minds blank. Wipe all your thoughts away, focus only on what you are planning to see and just let it go deep in you.” All nodded and sat straight as a ramrod on the beach bench and slowly light started to show up in the horizon and the crest of the sun came up slowly, very slowly it rose bringing light to the sky, the birds started to make their wake up noise, the chattering of squirrels, people moving around for the morning walks and lo behold, the sun rose from its slumber waking up all life forms. It was simply superb. They let out their breath in unison, as they had forgotten to breathe.
“Thank you Rafael for showing us a life beyond our waking up and sleeping and living just for eating, playing, sleeping and studying. I would never have known, that all these things were there for us to see. Its so beautiful. This would be my most memorable view of my life.”
“Don’t stop the memorable moment with this one alone, Monica, there would be much more better visions, than this one. Nature is a treasure house to pacify all types of tastes for all faculties of senses, the birds singing, the wake up call of the cock, the fragrance of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the morning dew, the drops of the rain, the softness of the snow and on goes the list of things you would never have imagined in your wildest dreams.”
“Yeaaah, its true, I feel so small in front of this beauty or should I say in the vastness or is it the Majesticity. Even though, if I do something different, no one would know, isn’t it, Rafael?”
“Wrong, Mathew. Nature, teaches you one thing, Use all your faculties to the maximum and that will bring out the best in you. No matter, who is there to see it or acknowledge it should not be your concern, but the investment you gave to that work or to the action is what matters in the end. It should bring you satisfaction.” All nodded. “If you are not happy with what you do, then how can you pass it to others?” All nodded. “Whatever you do, do it happily, lovingly and wholeheartedly, then the glory of the action will automatically burst out from the cocoon of anonymity.”
“But Rafael, why did you want to show all these visions?”
“I wanted to show the complexity of the creation, the time, the space and above all the love behind it.” This creativity has been going on for ages and there is no human interference to light the sun or a key to unlock the bloom or a bell to wake up all living creature. It all is systematic, which means, the creator, the God of all things have looked into all facets of each creature from the beginning to end and from moment to moment and above all for generations ahead. Don’t take God lightly. He should be respected, adored and above all loved. So now you know the power of God. If ever you have more doubts,”
“This is more than enough to clear the doubts regarding the strength and power of creator, who creates in so vast a space and so intricate a creation with so much sophistication, beauty and love. I wish, I could meet Him in person, just to say, “WOW!!!!” All smiled. be contd ..(11)....
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