Friday, January 4, 2013

The Advertisement


13 year old Rebecca was sitting in her cozy chair in the porch, reading the morning paper. She was so engrossed in reading that she didn’t see the visitors. It was her friends, Mark and Mathew, whom she was actually waiting for, but the news in the paper had piqued her interest, an advertisement inviting children for a month long expedition starting the following Sunday.
“Hmmm, that would be perfect”,  she told aloud and looked up to find Mark and Mathew right in front of her.
“Oh! I’m sorry, have you been here for long ? Why didn’t you call me?”
“Well, we thought, we’ll let you finish your reading, which you were so engrossed in.” Both sat on the lawn chairs opposite Rebecca’s. Rebecca smilingly folded the paper and continued,
“You will not believe this, but I have found a perfect holiday for us.”
“Really? Where to?”
“Yeah, look at this.” Rebecca gave the paper and pointed to a section. Both Mark and Mathew read, their eyes widened.
“It's an underwater expedition?”
“Hmm hmmm”
“But it’s for a month.” Mark told. Rebecca shrugged and said
“Well we have 2 months holidays. So it doesn’t create any problem.”
“But how are we going to join ourselves for this expedition?” Mathew enquired
“I know this place, it’s near the library. Rebecca continued with brows wrinkled, “But, it’s weird. I have thought that, there is nothing around the library.” Shrugging she continued, Well, I haven’t   been to the library for some time. So anything could  have happened.” Others nodded and Mathew returned the paper.
“Now, what are the plans for today?” Rebecca asked taking the paper.
“Nothing, we’ll better find this place and find out what their conditions are.” Mathew spoke, getting up.
At that moment, John, Rebecca’s younger brother came out of the house with a ball in hand, a boisterous young boy of 10 “Reb, mom is calling you.”
“What for?” shrugging John replied,
“How do I know? Go find out.”
“Well, I think, she wants you to arrange my room.”
“Oh. No!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll do that if you would allow me to accompany you for this trip.”
“Which trip?”
“Underwater expedition. Please Reb. I’ll do whatever you say. Please say yes. Ple..aaase  Reb.” Rebecca rolled her eyes skyward and shook her head.
“I really can’t believe, that you again eavesdropped on us John, I have told you several times, not to do that. You know, it's not a very good habit.”
John looked down repentantly and mumbled, “Sorry Reb, I’ll not do it again. I promise. Will you take me? Please?”
“We do not know anything about it” Mathew and Mark nodded. Rebecca continued, “Even after that, you should get permission from papa and mama. I don’t think, they would allow you. Even if they send you, Mark and Mathew should consent.”
John turned his pleading eyes towards them and they both smiled and shrugged seeing the expression on John’s face. He looked so innocent, but they knew looks deceived, especially with  John. But if this plan had to work,  John should be their ally than an enemy.
“Its OK Rebecca, we have no problem” Mathew spoke looking at Mark. Mark nodded.
John returned to the house with a whoop and set out to straighten his room. While the trio set out for the library. Rebecca shouted out, “Mama, I’m going to the library with Mark and Mathew. I’ll be back in an hour.”
One of the top floor windows opened and a head popped out, “Rebecca, if you are going to town, fetch the clothes from the dry cleaners too.”
“Mama, not again! You know its a big package. I cannot manage it alone.”
“Why don’t you three divide the bundle?”
“Mama, you cannot make my friends work for you?”
“Rebecca, it's not making them work, it's giving an opportunity for them to help others. And you too should think as such. When you do something, you are helping a person to get his work done. Ok, then get going and don’t waste time.” Saying so her mother returned back to the room. Rebecca sighed and turned to her friends.
“Sorry for that” Rebecca spoke shamefacedly.
“Don’t be.” Mathew spoke. “Our holidays have started and whatever help you do to your parents is important to get the consent for our expedition. So we do it. And your mama is right, if we can’t help her now, then when will we do that?” Mark nodded.
“Thank you guys.” Rebecca said smilingly. And the three set out on their bicycles. It was a sunny day and the place was tranquil.  Himmafushi is a small village near the sea shore. Not much vehicle were there on the road. So with the wind in their hair, they rode to the library, parked their bicycles and looked around. No buildings were nearby. They walked around and found a  shed behind the library. They knocked, no one responded. They pushed the door and  Mathew stepped in and called, “Hellooooo...” and he was gone the next instant. Mark and Rebecca was shocked. They looked at each other with wide eyes. And both simultaneously got in and called, “Mathew.... Mathew....” They were sucked into a wide hall and they landed near Mathew.

"Opportunity comes in different ways, but to get it attracted to you, you should have the magnetic force within you, for that you should know the real you." be contd..(3).
Until then.
                             Take care

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