Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heaven Should Be Your Limit

                                I’d like to pass on something, which made my life meaningful. These truths have been passing on ages before, this is just another mole hill in the land of the mountains, but still, if I do not pass, it’d break lose from me in other ways. It’s a bit spiritual, To be frank, I really cannot tolerate spiritual books. I don’t understand a thing. So I thought I’ll write like a story, which was gifted to me by a very special person – God, my father, I thank my mother for having been all the support, when I needed most and the reason behind this knowledge is my family. With prayerful heart, I start from the very beginning.
          The characters in the story are completely fictious, O.K? The story starts with a dream.


          I woke up with a start in the middle of the night. The New Year celebration was still on. The blaring of music was more than I could tolerate. But as a human being, I knew what this moment holds for each person, with great expectation, thinking, the arrival of the New Year will bring the best of what they had dreamed of.
          If you asked me, there was a time, when I too was of the same view, thinking, if the first day begins with party, the whole year would have a reason for partying. So I too used to make sure, to be present in any revelry din. 
          And my conservative parents who wanted me in church for the first mass on New Year are usually soured by my absence, since . But my mind pacified me, “Hey Michael, you will not scoot church, you will be going for the evening mass.”, but when I came to know about it, it was too late, the New Year day evening mass has been cancelled, as the priests too had been involved in midnight rendezvous, just like me but the only difference was they were engaged spiritually by conducting the Holy Mass. So they too had their bodily limitations to stay awake the whole New Year Eve and New Year Day. I sighed, and in my mind I tried to ensure that I accept the strict supervision of my parents and with a feeling of something lost, I left repentantly, pacifying my heart, “ from tomorrow onwards, their face would be alight, wit and see.”
You might think what for, well, I’m expecting that I would have reason to party because my new year started with a grand party. But there is a fact which I overlooked, a person like me, who has no job because I had just completed only my school, which means, the basic education and who wishes not to study or wishes more to be at home or in the company of friends, than seek higher education or a job, would have no reason to celebrate other than others’ birthday parties, engagement parties, wedding parties and funeral parties. After several months of deep thoughts and deep feelings, veiled and open criticisms, expectations and disappointments started opening up from all quarters of the family. I knew, my time to change my ways has approached. But how? Well, I didn’t know, someone from outer space would be the right person to take me out of this rut. So thinking and expecting and appealing to the person above,  I prayed, the very first time, “God! this one time, if you could give me a chance to prove myself, – please extend on a platter an opening of some sort or else I wouldn’t know. Pleeeeeeaaaaase.”
          I covered myself with my blanket shutting out the noise and dreaming about a very good future which God would have in store for me and for the human population as a whole, I closed my eyes. That was what I remember last before sleep overtook me and a beautiful dream followed - A dream for me to follow.
To be contd.......
Until then

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  1. this is a very nicely written story meena, i'm impressed and look forward to part 2