Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Day you Take the First Step...

“ God helps the strong hearted.”
“What does that mean Rafael?”
“It means courage. One should be courageous to meet God. Have you seen an infant take his first step?” All nodded
“Yes Rafael, it’s a bit scaring.”
“Its scaring for both the onlookers as well as the child but, it indeed takes the first step because, it has nothing to lose. Don’t think, that the child is thinking all these, OK?” All smiled.
“The first step of the child is the miracle of God to mankind and from then on, its solely in the hands of man, to take the first step. That step needs courage. A courage to face all odds. Then we will naturally see the rainbow. The Mt. Everest summit, Tenzing and Edmund reached and many a people who have  written their names in the history for being the first in one thing or the other were not chicken hearted and for their bravery, they received very special gift, a place on Earth. But these people became famous not only for their brave heart but for their hard work, dedication and above all persistence.”
“Persistence? Rafael, you are really talking in riddles. Its becoming too confusing. What has hard work, dedication, perseverance and strong hearted has to do with prayer?”
“Good question, Monica. Now can I ask you a question?”
“Sure Rafael.”
“Can you keep your house clean within an hour and make it stay clean for the whole  of your life time?”
“Are you kidding Rafael? I think and feel mothers are born with mop and broom. I don’t know why, but cleaning should be done at least twice a day. Anyway once – a day is a must. And poor mom, I really feel sad for her. ”
“Yes, Monica you’re right. But your mother had a choice before being a home maker, instead of home maker, she could have chosen to stay unmarried or become a nun. She had the courage to choose and become a housewife, a mother and here she is, doing all the duties entitled to that job.” All nodded.
“Monica, how long has she been a housewife?”
“15 years.”
“Good, fifteen years is a very long time for a person to do just cooking, cleaning, washing and the like on a daily basis and has she complained?”
“So what does that mean?" Rafael  continued "It means that she has the dedication, she has the courage to do hard work and by doing so what will happen?”
“I cannot imagine life without her.”
“If one person can unite a family by her service, then it is no small work, she is doing. She has actually conquered the hearts of many. Actually she has conquered many a summit. That is what we need if we have to unite with God – Be dedicated, don’t shy yourself from hardwork. Hardwork doesn’t mean, that you should do menial work or go and do strenuous work. Fulfill the duties and responsibilities entitled to you, on time, whatever obstacles are there, don’t forget your duties. Keep your heart clean because that is the only place God looks. Others see and judge only the outside but what matters most is the inside. Be persistent, which means, don’t lose heart when you do not see success. Try once, twice or if it comes to that, even a hundred times  but the ultimate thing is don’t stop until you reach the destination, i.e. meeting God.”
“to try a hundred times is a bit disheartening Rafael.” All nodded.
“Don’t be because what matters most is the steps you take, one step at a time. And God is not heartless. He knows our capability. He will be there for you no matter what.” All nodded.
 “Even now we are still in the path towards Heaven. We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(30)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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