Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did You Know That You Have the Power to Bring Time To A Standstill?

 “Rafael, we have taken the decision to be with God, after that, we choose a place of our choice and shut our brain and senses and go and meet our Father in Heaven with our thoughts, right?”
“Perfectly right, Mark.”
“Now, I know Heaven is above sky but other than that nothing. Can you explain it a bit Rafael?” All nodded
“ Heaven is so vast that a 1000 suns would not be sufficient to light it but there is not even a single sun or moon to light it. But it always has light because, God Himself is the sun there. The light coming from Him is brighter than thousands of Suns put together.”
“Rafael, the heat and the light of one sun is simply intolerable in summers, we cannot even look directly at the Sun then how come we would stand a chance in Heaven and look at God directly?”
“That is true, but the sun here is the aura or the inner light of God and the warmth here is the love of God, there is no nook that is dark in heaven as well as in our hearts, when we are in the presence of God. In Heaven there is a dress code, and all speak only one language and only that language can be understood by all.”
“Really, which is that universal language, Aramaic?”
“No, Mathew, its Love and the dress code, white.”
“Rafael, you know, when you told about the dress code, Jesus too has told in a parable about dress code, where a rich man inviting people for banquet, does it have any connection to the dress code of Heaven?”
“Exactly Mathew, you said it aptly. Now about the dress code, don’t take literally and go and stitch white dresses for you all. In heaven, whatever we speak is connected to your inner self.”
“Oh!!! But what is inner self. Can you say it briefly?”
“There is only one definition for the inner self. The Real You, God’s own creation, the real Mathew or Mark or Monica or Rebecca  and the real you is able to see God, feel God and be with God, but now a shell has  covered the real you?”
“Really? Which shell?”
“The disobedience of our first parents and then our worldly quest for fame, name, riches, that is when we really go blind, then we lose our identity in that maze and there by lose our dress code. The aura or our inner light of our self is the dress code.”
“So in real fact the three men in that Bishop’s story received the dress code, right?”
“Yes Monica, they received it and with it all the faculties of God. To reach there, it is no easy task. Its like building the tower – a tower to heaven. There are lots of hurdles, the first thing that needs to be known is, the strength of the foundation of the tower.
“How can we make a strong foundation Rafael?”
“Good thoughts and good actions, a knowledge that you would not be able to reach Heaven singlehandedly, then naturally, your ego would not step in.”
“Why do you say that Rafael?”
“If at any point of time, when you think, you are supreme, you are privileged and invincible, then the tower falls down because ego is the root cause of all evil. Then again you will have to start from scratch to find the way to the destination.”
“What a pity.”
 “Yes Mathew, it’s a pity. Even though man has been given the capabilities as that of God, his full power comes out only when he unites with God and when man unites himself  with God, he becomes the epitome of humility and the power house of love. He doesn’t need name or fame or riches because he has reached his destination. He gets to know the universal truth that nothing can be more fulfilling than the love of God. Nothing can be replaced for God. That is a moment when time comes to a standstill.”
“Do you mean to say that time would halt?”
“Yes Rebecca, not only time but the whole body comes to a standstill in the literal sense.”
“Rafael, you’re not joking right?”
“No Rebecca, I’m not joking. Prayer or chatting is an act of love. When you love someone, you are able to talk to them easily or else will you be able to do that? – talk to your enemies?”
“No Rafael.”
“Exactly, a person filled with love do not have any tensions, any hatred, any vices, peace settles in the system. They are literally free birds. Their heart is clean and their system is clean. At that time, they’d be the perfect beings and do you know the cells too work differently. But when our hearts are filled with or partially filled with or if there is even a slight hatred or vice or anger or whatever evil, wastes starts accumulating.”
“What type of wastes Rafael?”
“Wastes of anger, revenge, sadness, etc... and do you what happens when waste accumulates?” All nodded in the negative
“It creates blocks, then naturally the working of the cell is hindered and thereby diseases, hopelessness  and oldage sets in faster. So while communing with God, your body will naturally gain the luster of love and thereby stopping your body from ageing and starts the reverse process of flushing out all that is evil from you and makes you a child. So has the time come to a standstill, we became what God wanted us to be children – innocent and pure. So be known that prayer can make you young and healthy . But we have again deviated from our course. So now you know how heaven is and how can you get there. But good actions alone cannot lead you to Heaven. We’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded
...to be contd....(28)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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