Saturday, January 26, 2013

Did Jesus Really Resurrect?


 “Children, now we’ll have to go back to the instance after the death of Christ.”
“Oh good, I was just dying to ask you Rafael, did Jesus really resurrect from the dead? Did he really came out alive after three days? Do you really believe it?” Rafael smiled.
 “Yes Mathew, He rose from the dead, it is the gift of God, bestowed on every son, who takes the cross, accepts it with humility and without uttering a single word, goes through the path that Jesus showed, which is very difficult, but still, if we continue till the very end and forgive unconditionally all the people who had a part in getting us the cross, then He will give the power and liberty to us to live eternally. That I believe.” All nodded.
“What do you think of the Holy Bible? Is it reliable?”
“That’s what you proved, Rafael. Yes, it is reliable.” All noded.
“Good, now you are capable of saying strongly.” All smiled.
 “In the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus is narrated by the soldiers who guarded the tomb of Jesus.” All nodded.
“If it was the disciples speaking, then everyone would have had some doubts. But the tomb was guarded by several soldiers and all of them had the same narration. But it was not actually the first time, the resurrection happened.”
“When Jesus was very much alive on Earth, he raised two people from the dead. Do you know who they were?”
“I know one, Lazarus.” All nodded
“Well the other one was 12 year old daughter of the Synagogue leader Jairus, who had fever and died.” All nodded.
If Jesus with the help of God can resurrect the dead when He was normal human being  then there is no point in blocking our belief that God, father of Jesus, the master of life and death cannot do it. And the best part is He has passed on all these powers to us, without losing a single iota of luster. You might be thinking, then how come no one resurrected after that, in the literal sense.” All nodded.
“In the literal sense we are being resurrected on a daily basis.”
“What does that mean, Rafael?”
“When a person whom you love most, hurts you with his cruel words or hurtful words or lie about you, what will be your feeling?”
“Shocked, numb and hurt.”
“Can you say, where does all these feelings come from?”
“Surely heart Rafael, isn’t it?”
“Yes Monica, Heart and when it is pierced with the lance of hurtful words, our heart bleeds, our eyes wet brims with tears, at that time if we really forgive the person from the very heart, then the death caused by the words, by the person doesn’t chain us to the daily squabbles, but helps us to rise much higher in the spiritual sense, where no hurt touches the heart. That higher position is always filled with love. Nothing can bring hurt, you’d always have a smile. A world were only love reigns. You are invincible, which means, unbreakable or unconquerable, That is what we call resurrection.”
“Once more Rafael, how can we resurrect?”
“When your heart fills with Love, you resurrect. Is there anything above love?”
“Nothing, Rafael.”
“Exactly Mark, when your heart is filled with love, your faith is so strong, that not a single doubt enters into you and when your heart is completely filled with faith, the mustard faith, then who can conquer you?”
“Only Love.”
“Yes, only love can conquer the unconquerable and what do you think, do you have it in you?”
“Yes Rafael, we have it in us, that is undoubtable and what you said is correct, God really passed all His powers to us, without losing an iota of luster. Oh!!! Now I know the base of all creation – Love isn’t it? But how can love resurrect us?”
“When we resurrect, there are no barriers of relationships, father, mother, brother, sister or anybody, all are one, God Himself in all of us. That is what we will have left of us, Love and oneness. Love breaks the barrier, conquer the unconquerable, I’ll better clear, what the unconquerable is.” All nodded.
“Hatred, doubt, laziness, lies, cheating, slander, etc...etc.... all the wiles known and unknown, they become part of you when you do not resurrect. So the Resurrection is a necessity and that can be achieved only if we consciously go the way Jesus showed us. But for that prayer is very much necessary or else, no sane man can go through that situation.” All nodded
“ We’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(25)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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