Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creation- Thy name is Riddle


“But Rafael, I cannot understand, why the scriptures say in double meaning? For example, the suffering of Christ, it has so much depth that any normal person would never ever know about it, except as the suffering of Christ. Why so much mystery?” All nodded.
“Great question Mark, from the very beginning of creation, to the minutest of detail till now, have you found anything straightforward?” all nodded in the negative.
“When you said it now,  we are seeing everything in that angle too. Its true Rafael, its not only in the scripture, its all around us. Everything has a mystery behind. Oh!!! Its so exciting, isn’t it?”
“For the brave hearted there are many opportunities to find the secrets.”
“Now I know why the scientists, the sages, the artists, the explorers are all in search of that something.”
“Its not only them Mark, we too are in that same quest, but we are not aware of it. That is the reason, this nature holds more attraction to the generations who lived here before, living now and for the generation to come.”
“Rafael, Do you mean to say a mystery is always good to keep us stay alert?” Rafael smiled.
“Well, I will put it like this, its good to know the answers of the things around, but there is nothing special or precious when it is given easily to us. It’d always be good, if we take the strain, the inner and outer strength and find it. Then it holds great value. God is the king of riddle makers and as the scriptures say, He gave everything of His to us. So we have the power to unravel the riddles of nature and the scriptures which all religions use for the daily purpose is its manual to open it.”
“But Rafael, until now, I didn’t even know, that this creation was a riddle or the scriptures as the users manual of nature. But I have a doubt. Man has been living here for ages and don’t you think, they might have unraveled the mysteries of nature?”
“Do you think so Monica? Then why all these questions? A person who has all the answers would never have a question. What do you feel?” All nodded.
“Yes, that’s also true Rafael. But if you say the scripture is the user manual, then we are doomed. Its one big book of riddles.” All smiled.
“Yes Monica, that’s true. Do you know one thing, when we enter a mind teasing knick knacks shop, what will be the first act you do?”
“I try to solve the challenge then and there.” All nodded
“And if you able to solve it easily, will you buy it?”
“No way. I would look for much more difficult ones and I’ll search and search, till I find which I’m unable to solve.”All nodded.
“After that what?”
“I’ll get the help of the shop owner to help me open the riddle.”
“Exactly Monica, the scriptures too as you said is a mystery,   but there is a part where the shop owner unravels it for us.”
“Rafael, we are talking about the scripture not a knick knack shop.”
“Thanks, Rebecca. I was just giving God the designation of the shop owner. He created these riddles, so naturally He would have the answers to it and He really has helped us to unravel it in simple forms of riddle stories through Jesus.”
“God really loves jokes, don’t you think Rafael?”  
“Yes He does and He wants us to enjoy it too, that’s why He gave the answers. But there is one condition, the key to the lock is our heart. It should be pure, innocent and clear of all evil. Just like a child. That is why, Jesus once prayed as thus,
“I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children”
To prove that, its not easily accessible to all cats and dogs, but to the selected few, as in the parable of a rich man who invited guests for a party. The invited guests were unable to attend the party due to several reasons and then the man asked his servants to invite the poor, the wretched and anybody who was free.”
“What does that mean Rafael?”
“It means that the whole mankind is invited to be  in the banquet of God, but only the people, who have gone through the cross roads and stripped off the ego is able to savour the feast.”
“But Rafael, who are the wretched, the poor and the free people?”
“The people who are heartbroken and have lost any hope of living,  the people who have nothing to lose, who says, “when I look up there is the sky and when I look down the Earth”, the people who has all the time in the world because they are the unwanted ones of the society. These people have already come to the cross because they have been invited for the feast and if you accept, you’d be able to live a life of eternal happiness, contentment and above all in love.”

“So now we have come back full circle - to the cross. We really deviated from our topic Rafael.” All nodded. Yesterday you were saying the suffering of Jesus and how it is connected to our daily lives.” All nodded  So Jesus was stripped, nailed and then what happened?”
“Thanks Monica for reminding. I would like to say one more thing which you should know. As you said, we have come full circle, starting from the cross and ending at the cross, which means, there is nothing new happening here, it’s a new maze we created.”
“What does that mean Rafael?”
“In this creation there isn’t any mystery. In the scripture, there isn’t any mystery as I told you, the maze is what brings mystery.”
“Rafael, do you mean to say, that this secrets behind this nature is not there?”
“Exactly Rebecca, when you come closer to the Creator of this universe, He would show it to you.”
“But how do you know it?”
“Look at the sages, the scientists, artists, they are the people who went in search of the mysteries of nature, to find the answers to the uniqueness of this creation naturally they are entitled to the answers not so much as the whole thing but a fraction of it. There they will find, what they had expected is not there, its simply a void, a blankness as it is in the hearts of mankind now. Then they go again and again and they know the futility of searching. It is then they go to themselves, the heart, which I told you before, is the key to the lock of creation, the key to the riddles, the key to the base of creation.”
“How does heart become the key Rafael?” Rafael smiled.
“God loved us so much that He created the Universe. God loved us so much that HE created Man and Woman with His own two hands. God loved us so much that He gave His very breath. God loved us so much that He promised to save us from death. God loved us so much that He Himself became man to save us. What is the underlying feeling there?”
Exactly Mathew, Love. It is the base of all creation and the base of our existence and that base can be achieved only from God and no man or woman or child or nature or creation can fulfill it. And that feeling is locked in each and every heart. There isn’t any single person, who is denied of love, the only thing is open it and when you are in love there is no need for any answers. And all the lovers have proved it. All lovers are blind. So there would never be a question. All are answers for them.”
“Oh!!! Its simply superb. Again I came to the cross, Rafael.”
“Go on Rebecca, what is it?”
“I have a feeling that there is some connection with Jesus heart being pierced.” Rafael smiled and nodded.
“Yes Rebecca, you are right, there is, but as we have already taken a lot of time, why don’t we continue this tomorrow? What do you think children?” all nodded be contd....(18)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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