Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clear Your Mind


“Nothing goes, until you purposefully throw it out of your mind. The choice to store the baggage or not to store all depends on you.” All nodded.
“Why are we actually here, in this universe?”
“A very good question Rebecca,  we are here for a purpose. It’s to be united with God, but for that we have to find God and the long lasting Happiness along with it.”
“Rafael, do you mean to say that all mankind has to get united with God? But that is an impossible task. How do we do that?”
“Yes Mark, that is very difficult, but if we know, the way, then what is the difficulty, take that path and you reach your destination, isn’t it simple?” All nodded
“But Rafael, in order to find our soul, we’ll have to remove the clutter of our mind, will it be easy?”
“No Mark, it will never be easy, but if we know the purpose, then we have an aim, then we would work hard to remove the barriers. Or else, I say, our life would be a total waste. We would never be happy in life until we find our purpose.”
Now Vijay and Ajay, thinks that they will be happy if they sleep some more time. But when they wake up their happiness is gone. This happiness lasts until we get what we craved for, afterwards again we are back to sadness. But if we ask Mark, how does he feel after foregoing his food craving?”
“I’m really in seventh heaven. This is the first time I have said no to food and I feel proud, that I could control, this once my cravings. Thank you Rafael.”
“No, it's congratulations, Mark. You have the power to say No and you utilised it for your own good. Just know, the power of decision is in your hand. And no one can do that for you.  Rebecca was just a means to guide you and for that she too gets points, because she influenced you to show you the right path. When you tread the path to happiness, you should lose the cravings, the needs because that is the biggest block which always stops you from getting closer to the goal.”
Ajay called out, “Mother, what is it for breakfast?”
“Why don’t you go and find out and stop shouting from here? You know, we better behave, did you forget what just happened?” Vijay scolded him.
“But Vijay, I’m really scared to get out of the room. If you come with me, I’ll go and ask.”
“Vijaaaay, Ajaaaaaay, don’t waste time talking. Finish your work and get ready to go.”
“Don’t say this to anybody, or else, they will say, we are making up. Do you hear me Ajay?”
“Hmmmm. But Vijay, were we dreaming? Because I was sitting simply and this came to me.” Ajay looked at the book and tried to place it in air, but it fell down crashing. At that moment his mother arrived and was standing behind him. So when he bent to pick up, Ajay saw her dress and smiled at her and said, “Good, you came. I wanted to come to the kitchen, to look what you were preparing.”
“Well, since I have come, I’ll inform now, I am preparing chapatti and veges.”
“Is it ready? My stomach is rumbling.”
“You just woke up and your stomach started rumbling? What are you having in it? A rat? Ajay smiled. “Come, but keep the books in order and try not to drop books like that way, you know, you cannot place anything in space.” Both Vijay and Ajay looked at each other and smiled.
“Mom, are there ghosts in real life?” Ajay asked jumping out of the chair and following his mother.
“Now, who gave this idea, so early in the morning? Their mother stopped  and looked at her elder son, Vijaaaaay?”
“Mom, he might be crazy, I didn’t say anything.”
“Mom, it's not Vijay, I had a dream after I woke up. That’s why? Come fast mom, I’m really hungry. One moment mom, I’ll just meet grandpa and granny. By that time, please get my food ready.”
 Ajay’s one point reduced.
 “But Rafael what is the use of these points?”

"Your deeds do count in clearing your blocks, but as usual, its a long process, a long journey, which you will have to take, by choice oooooooor by force, there is no other alternative. " So we'll better go together on this jpurney, to look whether we can reach our goal."

Until then
                              Take care

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