Thursday, January 24, 2013

Child – Thy Name is Faith

 “You mean to say Rafael that our doubt is what leads to our misfortune?”
“Yes Rebecca, that is what it is. To make miracles happen, just believe in the majesticity of God, the power of God, the love He has for us and complete faith in Him. If He can place our delicate and precious lives solely in our care believing that we would do just fine with that, then we should have faith in Him, who would only direct us through the right path. The only thing you should do is, Give your life to Him, blindly. So have full faith, that is why the Jesus told the parable of the mustard faith. So be a child and keep its innocence.”
 “Mustard faith?”
“Yes Mathew, “The Mustard faith. If you read the Bible, especially the New Testament, Jesus would always have a parable of a mustard seed or its tree. Have you noticed it?” All nodded.
“ Good. Now, we’ll go to the finest kitchen and to the best Chef. We’re going to request the Chef to help us.”
“Rafael, how can a Chef help us to prove Mustard faith? Its not cooking, Jesus meant. Its about life.”
“Hmm Monica, you have really come far. Yes Monica, what you said is true. Its not just cooking. Jesus used mustard because its easily available in all the kitchens of the universe he wanted to show that the tiniest seed, has the quality which no seeds in the seed kingdom or the fruit/vegetable kingdom would ever have. It is famous, everyone knows it from the baby in the pram to the old man in the grave, the poor in the street to the King in the palace.” All nodded. Rafael continued.
“This visit to the chef is purely for a lab test because we need the sharpest knife and a spacious place. Now close your eyes, imagine yourself, that you have entered the most spacious kitchen with white walls and all the pans and pots hanging with nobody there except the Chef, who is wishing that he had some guests.” All did as was told.
“Bonjour Rafael, Its indeed a surprise. I was just wishing for some guests and Voilà!!! You are here. Great. And who are these minions?” Rafael nodded and turned to find that the children were just inside the door, unsure whether they were a welcome guest or not.” He signaled them to come in. And all trooped in. 
“This is one of my best friends and my school buddy, Pierre. He is French and a “chef de cuisine”
“Rafael, do you mean to say, that He is the Chef of this huge Hotel?”
“He is not only the head of the hotel, he is the head of any kitchen because he can cook anything and everything.” All the kids looked at him in wonder.
“Rafy, you have not changed a bit. Children, I’m Pierre and why not introduce yourself?” All nodded and introduced themselves. Pierre turned to Rafael, “Now buddy, no jokes, why are you exactly here? I know, you are not here for a courtesy call.” All smiled
“We..ll, would you help me cut a mustard seed into two?”
“Whaaat??” All smiled openly seeing the surprise of Pierre.
“Well, we’ll pay your fees, for sure. Ask for anything.”
“I knew you’d have something weird in your pocket, Rafy.” Smiling and nodding at Rafael, he went to the cooking section and all followed,
“By by the time I get it ready make yourself comfortable.” All nodded.  Pierre took a small pan and poured some water and placed it on fire. He then opened the cabinet and took out the mustard container. He took a few big mustards and put it in the water for boiling. “It is not easy to cut a mustard without making it soft, either we soak or cook. Just to make it soft. So I took the easier route – cook the mustard seed.” All smiled. He then took out a menu and passed to the children. “Now order.” All looked at Rafael. He nodded at them. After two minutes, Pierre shut off the fire and took out the pan from the stove. He strained the contents and placed it on a tissue paper. Then he took the chopping board and the sharpest and meanest blade available in his kitchen. Then he took out one of the mustard seed and inspected closely. All gathered around him. He slowly bent and placed it on the board and cut it into two. It was an easy task. No mishaps nothing. He took several of the mustards and cut it into two. He took five white plates wiped it clean with a tissue paper and placed some mustard seeds on the plate. Then he took out   five apples and cut it into two and placed it near the mustard seeds. Then he took 5 Baby Bears (small pumpkins) and  cut it into two and placed it near to the apple. Likewise he did the same to the potato, the banana and placed all of it on the plate. Then he placed the plate in front of the kids and one to himself. He nodded to Rafael, which was acknowledged and taking a deep breath, he looked at the children.
“Now look at all the vegetable and mustard seed closely, can you find some space inside?.” Pierre took first the mustard in his hand and brought it eye close and inspected it thoroughly. “Its completely and thoroughly yellow Rafy, no space.” All nodded. Rafael nodded.
“And what about the other fruits and vegetables Pierre?”
Pierre nodded and started inspecting the ‘Baby Bear’, its very airy inside, the potato..... yes it too has a small space inside.” Rafael nodded.
“But for my potato, there is no space, Rafael.”
“Good, for those vegetables you have not found any space, note it in your memory.” All nodded. After sometime, Pierre straightened, “My conclusion of all my vegetables, fruits and my mustard seed is, all have some space inside them except the mustard seed.” All nodded.
“I think Mark has a potato too which has no space, right Mark?”
“Yes Rafael.”
“And what about others?”
“It’s the same conclusion as that of Pierre’s Rafael.” Rafael nodded.
“Good. Now you know that when you cut an apple, there is a little bit of space somewhere in it, like an air hole. Likewise all other fruits and vegetables have it, but the mustard has not a single pin point of blank space in all the plates. That means, in general, the inside of the mustard seed is completely full.” All nodded, “Now consider your heart as a mustard, and if the heart is completely filled with faith, without a question of doubt not even a pin point of it, then you’ll see a miracle. If you have an iota of doubt, the miracle  which should have been yours for the taking would burst out like a bubble.”
“Oh!!! But Rafael, how do we create a mustard Faith?”
“Good question Rebecca. To tell you frankly, man is born with a mustard faith but in the long run, we include air holes in it making ourselves the little pumpkins. This is because we rely on human help or human intervention and think they can solve all our problems. And pacify ourselves, that God is using the said human as a means to help us. That is the first hurdle that we put in front of us and God, then naturally, God has no option but to step aside for the lowly human. And when it flops, we are devastated and cry,
“Oh God, Why did you do this to me?” Then obviously, God would ask,
“What, did I do?” Well we won’t hear it literally. We blame God for our difficulties. And God just looks from heaven and nods His head resignedly, not knowing what to do with us humans, then He in His different ways of reaching us, gives us hints and messages and sometimes shouts to us from the roof tops. “Come On! Have faith in me. Ask Me.” But pity us, our hearts are stunted to all His pleas. Do you know why? Because, we are not used to hearing the inner voice- the voice of God. For that we should spare some time to be silent.
To know, we have a voice inside, the best way is to come to a deserted cross road in a very alien place, the first question that comes to mind is, “Which road should I take?” That is when we hear the voice, “This road, take it.” But we are we, very doubtful Thomases. We deny that answer and take our way and fall into the ditch. So in order to avoid it, Jesus told us to have mustard faith. Surrender everything to the almighty. Hear the inner voice and be saved. That is the power of Mustard faith it would bring us out of the maze of this creation.
Now another specialty of mustard, the mustard when sown in a fertile soil, grows to become a big mustard tree. Its so huge and vast, that the birds, several of them just roost in it, uninvited. Do you know, the speciality of birds? It would keep the tree insect free, and gives the tree company. Its widespread roots prevent it from falling during Wind, storm or earth quake.  Height wise, it’ll be closer to the sky.  So in human heart, the mustard faith sprouts and grows to make us an invincible force to reckon with, that is what God told when man built the tower - Invincible. If you are the owner of mustard faith, all the best in life automatically happens to you, which we call graces of God. You don’t have to ask verbally a thousand times, you wish it and it would be a command for God – to fulfill your wish.?”
“How come that becomes a command to God Rafael?”
“Hanna and Maria are best friends, one day both the families decided to go for a picnic, the fathers took their fishing rods to try their luck in fishing, the female stayed back under the shade of the tree. Hannah and Maria wandered around the place and found a tunnel. But as it happened the fathers were at the other of the tunnel, which the girls were not aware of. They talked of everything and anything under the stars. Then they came to the topic of convocation. “What do you think Maria, which dress are you planning to wear? Maria smiled.
“My parents are the very best. They know what to do to make each and every event of my life memorable. So I really do not plan anything and it usually comes out the very best experiences, which I had not even thought of in my dreams. What about you?”
“I plan every aspect of everything. My parents too are nice, but when there is something, which is not what I had planned, I just create a drama. So usually, they do not involve in my affairs with regard to buying thing. I do and most of the time, it doesn’t have the effect that you have on others.” Maria shrugged
“Why don’t you let them decide for you Hanna?”
“Yes, I too think the same.”
“What message did you get from this story?”
“Look where you sit?” All laughed
“That was a joke Mark.”
“Sorry Rafael, I didn’t mean it as such, I was thinking, if the girls had told any secrets, how would that look with fathers?” all nodded. Mark continued, “Maria had complete faith in her parents. She have had first hand experiences of it several times. In her speech, she says, for every event, which means, she just have to say the specialty of the day and there starts the magic.”
“Exactly Mark, you are very much right. This is the same with God, He makes each moment of our day special because He knows the specialty of each moment. That is why I told, our wish would be His command.” All nodded
“Have you seen the movie, “Baby’s Day Out”?”
“Oh I love that movie.” Pierre said with a clap. All nodded
“Yes Pierre, seeing the movie  I was really surprised by the way, the baby reaches each of the destination,  with such precision and timing, it was a nail biting experience, wasn’t it?” all nodded
“That is what God is asking us - A total Abandon, just like a child, no fear, no repercussions and no tensions, great isn’t it?” all nodded. “That is the fun of living. Once, when I was small, I asked God, to stop the sun from setting until I reach my destination.”
“Oops Rafael, did it really happen?” all smiled
“That was my way of asking, from my little thinking. And when I reached there, not only did the sun set, but it was so dark, that I couldn’t see my hand connected to my body. Anyway God didn’t leave me stranded. We all know, He holds the timing (nick of time) and the goal. He gave me the perfect light to reach home – the moon and a cyclerickshawalla. I reached my place, safely and without casualties. He surely has some weirdest ways to help. But one thing be sure. “He would Help. Never Ever Doubt It.” In short, have “The Mustard Faith.”
“And one more thing about faith is, its cuddly.”
“Yes Cuddly, Why don’t we discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(23)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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