Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are you Innocent?

“Can anyone say the difference between a man and a child?”
“One is big and the other is small, one knows nothing and the other knows everything. One is mature and the other is immature.”
“Exactly Mathew. Now the next question. What is the specialty of a child?”
“He has only questions Rafael.”
“And What about Man?”
“He has both questions and answers.” All smiled and nodded.
“Great Mark. There is one more thing, which I would like to add, one of the decisive quality.” All nodded. “Man wants proof and the child doesn’t need any.” All nodded.
“Yes its true Rafael. When my kid cousins come for holidays, it is a nightmare for us bigger kids when they barge us with their questions. But the only relief is they believe just about everything we say.” All smiled.
“Exactly Rebecca, they do not need proof because they have complete faith in you. I read this story somewhere about a 5yr old child in a burning house. The child was sleeping and alone in the flat when the fire broke. The father had gone to bring his mother and sister from the railway station which was just 5 mts walk from the flat. But when they returned, the flat was barricaded by the fireforce not allowing anybody inside. The child was locked inside. The only exit was the balcony and he was in the third storey still sleeping. Luckily the telephone was working. He awakened his child and asked him to come out to the balcony. When the child came, he couldn’t see anything because of smoke. But the father replied, “I can see you son. You just jump. I’ll hold you.” The child didn’t hesitate even for a moment. He jumped and into the safety net of the firefighters which had already been spread at that side of the building for those who jump from the balcony.”
“Wow what faith. I don’t think I’d just jump like that. I know my father would never lie, but I would hesitate because of fear.” All nodded
“Yes Monica, all adults have it. Do you know why?”
“We don’t just believe it blindly. So we hesitate, take our time analyze the pros and cons of the said action and the advantages and disadvantages of doing and the vantage points for doing it, by then the time to act would pass making man losers” All nodded.
“And what about the child, Rafael?”
“The child has no place for doubt. He just acts thoughtlessly, with full faith, that is what we call innocence.”
“But Rafael, thoughtless actions can lead us to misfortune, don’t you think?”
“Hmmm good question Rebecca. When you know deep down that your father never lies, then why should we hesitate. When you have faith in a person, then you don’t have to think twice or for that matter, you shouldn’t have a thought at all. That is why I told thoughtless. That is very important thing you should incorporate in your lives, inculcate in your actions.”
“But Rafael, I know, that you would never be wrong. But I really cannot accept it. Just because I have faith doesn’t mean that I should do what they say blindly.”
“Thank you Monica for being frank. That is why I told, man asks for proof, if he has to believe. And what difference does it make. Now for example, Do you believe in God?”
“Yes Rafael?”
“Have you seen God?”
“No Rafael.”
Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?”
“Yes Rafael.”
“Have you seen Him?”
“No Rafael.”
“Then how did you believe it?” All smiled.
“You might think, because I explained to you from one angle to the other and from top to bottom and inside out.” But still you did not see God. Then where is the proof?”
“Rafael, please don’t put us again in confusion.”
“No Monica, I want to take off that confusion. Hear me. These days the  information you received, loads of them has brought a lot of change in you. But in the end you are in the same place, the balcony of the burning house and still hesitating instead of jumping. This is where you should change.”
“Have full faith, complete faith and do you know the power of faith?” All nodded in the negative. I’ll say an incident which happened in my life.
“The first time I went to Hyderabad, I missed the railway station I had to get down. I got lost. It was a time, when mobile phones had not come into existence and the place where I had to go, had a phone only in the office. And the people I had to meet were my cousins, as I had come to enrol myself in college. I was totally alone with luggages more than an 18 year old could carry (expecting my cousin could share some). Seeing no recognizable face, I felt like howling my eyes out. That was a bad idea. So then the next best option is reach their place. I didn’t know, where it was. I had only their address and a phone number. I called the number and I spoke in Hindi, but they spoke another language, which I didn’t comprehend. I just disconnected and looked around and found a lady, who had been with me from the very origin of my travel. I told her my dilemma and the first question I asked her was, “What is the language spoken here?”
“Well too bad. I haven’t heard even once before, how, it sounds. (Well now I heard).” I was literally lost in every sense of the word. I told the girl,
“Look, I do not know, whether, I have to catch a train or a bus or an auto for my onward journey.” She asked the address and I gave her. She looked and shook her head and said,
“I have not heard of this place,”
“Oooooooooooh God!”
“But I have the heard the name of the district. To reach there, you’ll have to go by bus. I’ll take you till there and help you get in the bus. Only that much help, I can do, as I have to join duty, sorry.”
“Its, OK, no problem”, I said smilingly. (Inwardly, screaming) Then as if taking my luggage, I just went to Jesus and said, “Whatever the consequences, you should bring me home.”
This bus Depot was the same depot, my cousin gets his bus too, only later I came to know about it. Anyway, to make the story short, I reached home safely under the blanket of stars. And the first, dialogue my family, asked, “How did you reach here without knowing the language or the direction and with all these luggage. One misstep could have led you to the wrong people.” I smiled, who’d believe, that God had brought me safely here? But I would. That is what faith does. If you do not have an iota of doubt, then what you believe is what happens. I reached my destination safely.”
“You mean to say Rafael that our doubt is what leads to our misfortune?”
“Yes Rebecca, that is what it is. To make miracles happen, just believe in the majesticity of God, the power of God, the love He has for us and complete faith in Him. If He can place our delicate and precious lives solely in our care believing that we would do just fine with that, then we should have faith in Him, who would only direct us through the right path. The only thing you should do is, Give your life to Him, blindly. So have full faith, that is why the Jesus told the parable of the mustard faith. So be a child and keep its innocence.”
 “Mustard faith?”
 “Yes Mustard faith Why don’t we discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(22)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

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