Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Day you Take the First Step...

“ God helps the strong hearted.”
“What does that mean Rafael?”
“It means courage. One should be courageous to meet God. Have you seen an infant take his first step?” All nodded
“Yes Rafael, it’s a bit scaring.”
“Its scaring for both the onlookers as well as the child but, it indeed takes the first step because, it has nothing to lose. Don’t think, that the child is thinking all these, OK?” All smiled.
“The first step of the child is the miracle of God to mankind and from then on, its solely in the hands of man, to take the first step. That step needs courage. A courage to face all odds. Then we will naturally see the rainbow. The Mt. Everest summit, Tenzing and Edmund reached and many a people who have  written their names in the history for being the first in one thing or the other were not chicken hearted and for their bravery, they received very special gift, a place on Earth. But these people became famous not only for their brave heart but for their hard work, dedication and above all persistence.”
“Persistence? Rafael, you are really talking in riddles. Its becoming too confusing. What has hard work, dedication, perseverance and strong hearted has to do with prayer?”
“Good question, Monica. Now can I ask you a question?”
“Sure Rafael.”
“Can you keep your house clean within an hour and make it stay clean for the whole  of your life time?”
“Are you kidding Rafael? I think and feel mothers are born with mop and broom. I don’t know why, but cleaning should be done at least twice a day. Anyway once – a day is a must. And poor mom, I really feel sad for her. ”
“Yes, Monica you’re right. But your mother had a choice before being a home maker, instead of home maker, she could have chosen to stay unmarried or become a nun. She had the courage to choose and become a housewife, a mother and here she is, doing all the duties entitled to that job.” All nodded.
“Monica, how long has she been a housewife?”
“15 years.”
“Good, fifteen years is a very long time for a person to do just cooking, cleaning, washing and the like on a daily basis and has she complained?”
“So what does that mean?" Rafael  continued "It means that she has the dedication, she has the courage to do hard work and by doing so what will happen?”
“I cannot imagine life without her.”
“If one person can unite a family by her service, then it is no small work, she is doing. She has actually conquered the hearts of many. Actually she has conquered many a summit. That is what we need if we have to unite with God – Be dedicated, don’t shy yourself from hardwork. Hardwork doesn’t mean, that you should do menial work or go and do strenuous work. Fulfill the duties and responsibilities entitled to you, on time, whatever obstacles are there, don’t forget your duties. Keep your heart clean because that is the only place God looks. Others see and judge only the outside but what matters most is the inside. Be persistent, which means, don’t lose heart when you do not see success. Try once, twice or if it comes to that, even a hundred times  but the ultimate thing is don’t stop until you reach the destination, i.e. meeting God.”
“to try a hundred times is a bit disheartening Rafael.” All nodded.
“Don’t be because what matters most is the steps you take, one step at a time. And God is not heartless. He knows our capability. He will be there for you no matter what.” All nodded.
 “Even now we are still in the path towards Heaven. We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(30)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Your Heart Strong Enough?

 There is one thing I would like to say before continuing the session of prayer. Because without this basic knowledge  we would not be able to go further. I tried to explain in the physical sense which I feel is getting more senseless than sense” All nodded.
“Do you know the basic structure of creation?”
“Exactly Monica. Now, do you know the basic function of atoms?”
“Vibration or its always in movement.”
“Absolutely right. Since the basic character or innate character is always on the move, then naturally, what are the chances of atoms staying still?”
“Rafael, its innate nature, how can it be changed. “
“Exactly its difficult but it surely comes to a standstill when they are in vacuum.”
“Really, then what would happen to the atom? Won’t it loses its identity?”
“Naturally it would die or the atoms decay.”
“But Rafael, then what is the use of it afterwards.”
“Good question, Rebecca. The specialty of God’s creation is its always in transformation, when a death happens, then naturally a life should sprout. So when an atom does a new one forms, with the energy gone from the atom. So death is not the end but a beginning. Now I’ll come to the part when I told that time comes to a standstill.” All nodded.
“When you shut your brain and your senses, it is like we are passing through a void – a void where nothing exists, when you go through the cross, when you are facing diseases, financial crisis, when everyone is against you, when being wrongly criticized, when you are totally alone in the world, that is when we come to the cross road, we are passing through the cross, that period is a void, time would come to a standstill that is when death happens. Then we lose our old identity and gain a new one, the one which has the knowledge of Father and that is when we stand before God.”
“So Rafael, do you mean to say that we should really bring the time to a stand still?”
“Yes, you should and God would love it because it is only then the meeting of God and Man comes to perfection, where an outcome happens, where all impurities are cleared from both body and mind and soul is cleared.”
“Then we would really become babies, right?”
“Yes Monica, it is with this state we should enter in conversation with God.”
“But Rafael, don’t you think its too big a task? I don’t think, its easy to fulfill that state.”
“You are right, Rebecca, it cannot be achieved within a day. It should be taken one moment at a time, because each moment is the base of time. Give yourself a goal as to reach God the father and eternal happiness, love and peace and then take one step at a time. When man conquered the Mt. Everest, he didn’t do it within a day or did they?”
“No Rafael, it was a lifelong process and the difficulties they faced and still they reached the peak is simply awesome, isn’t it?” All nodded and smiled.
“Yes Mathew, its simply awe inspiring. The same goes for the first man who set foot on the moon, the first man who walked in space. These people knew that a single misstep could end their life. But still they took the first step and look what happened. They reached the goal. So it is very important that you take the first step and while taking each step like clearing your thoughts, your actions, your commitment to take one step at a time to reach the goal, will add up and it is then, like Jesus was helped by Simon to carry the cross and became a stronghold for Jesus, Edmund Hillary had  Sherpa Tenzing Norgay to help him carry his bags and act as a guide and for Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin was there to help him take the first small step to the moon. So to be with God is a giant decision and to take the first step would be a life changing step. But each and everyone has to go through it in ones life or else you would never have a chance for happiness.” All nodded.
I once read an article of Water has Intelligence – A scientific research conducted on water by Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig, Prof Schweitzer and Dr. Masru Emoto. One of their findings which touched me is, they proved that can make water from the gutter fit for drinking without treating with chemicals, when asked, how they did it, Dr. Emoto replied as such,
“There is a special combination that seems to be perfect for this, which is love plus the combination of thanks and appreciation reflected in the English word gratitude. Just one of these is not enough. Love needs to be based in gratitude, and gratitude needs to be based in love. These two words together create the most important vibration. And it is even more important that we understand the value of these words.”
“Wow!!!! Rafael, its simply superb, just imagine, with love and gratitude we can clean water.” All nodded.
“Yes, its unimaginable, without touching, with just love and gratitude they proved it. And the same Dr. conducted experiments to prove the power of prayer. The experiment was thus
“Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one hour prayer practice beside the dam (drain).

After the prayer, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed, and the ugly blobs became clear bright crystals.

And what do you think that happened to Reverend Kato?

While he prayed he had to generate within himself the devotional vibrations that changed the dam water's crystals, and at the same time that he was purifying the dam, he was purifying himself changing the shape of all the water within his body.”

“I didn’t know that prayer holds this much power, Thank you Rafael you really are a God sent guide for us.” All nodded.
“No Monica, actually you people are for me. All these are new to me too. Everyday is a new day, new beginning and new experiences. I tightly hold it because they are all the road map to God, the people, the experiences and above all time. Don’t let these things hurt you because, hurt, fear, anger, hatred  are the main blocks not to reach God. They create negative vibration, which means pulling you away from God.”
“I didn’t get that clear, Rafael. Would you be able to explain it?”
When you make a mistake, we have a tendency to put the blame on others. If we have done a mistake, accept it. If you blame somebody people might point their fingers to him but what about your finger, which means your inner soul, your conscience. What would it say?”
“Oh!!!! So we call it our soul. OK.... Really Rafael, its true, its really a fact. I can testify that our soul would always say the truth.” All smiled,
“Go on say Rebecca.”
“When I decide to lie, my soul used to kick me, you know like made me feel ashamed of myself, like that. I really felt very bad. So I decided I’d never lie, whatever the reasons might be. I’d just stand for the truth or stay dumb”
“That’s wonderful Rebecca, you have already started on the path towards God. Its fantastic. I’m glad.” All nodded and smiled. Rebecca coloured.
“Its nothing Rafael. I wanted to have a very strong character, which is stable as well as life changing for me. When I started with this decision, it was very difficult. If I had to open my mouth I had to lie. But still I decided to be strong – No lies and so I decided not to open my mouth. Now I open my mouth when it is very necessary and still strong on saying the truth. But now when you spoke of helpers, I know, its not my single handed hard work, to be strong in my decision, God has really helped me and I really am grateful to God for this, Rafael. As you said, God would really send angels to help  guide  us to Him. I really hope I fulfill this mission at the very earliest.” All nodded and smiled.”
“Wow!!! Rebecca that was a pretty good speech?”
“Thanks Mark, but that was no speech, it’s a truth I’m working hard not to break. You know, I feel wonderful because I don't say lies” All smiled.
“No, it won’t break Rebecca. It has withstood the test of time. You are a very strong girl and strength of mind is the most necessary character one needs when one is getting ready to pray. God helps the strong hearted.”
We’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(29)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did You Know That You Have the Power to Bring Time To A Standstill?

 “Rafael, we have taken the decision to be with God, after that, we choose a place of our choice and shut our brain and senses and go and meet our Father in Heaven with our thoughts, right?”
“Perfectly right, Mark.”
“Now, I know Heaven is above sky but other than that nothing. Can you explain it a bit Rafael?” All nodded
“ Heaven is so vast that a 1000 suns would not be sufficient to light it but there is not even a single sun or moon to light it. But it always has light because, God Himself is the sun there. The light coming from Him is brighter than thousands of Suns put together.”
“Rafael, the heat and the light of one sun is simply intolerable in summers, we cannot even look directly at the Sun then how come we would stand a chance in Heaven and look at God directly?”
“That is true, but the sun here is the aura or the inner light of God and the warmth here is the love of God, there is no nook that is dark in heaven as well as in our hearts, when we are in the presence of God. In Heaven there is a dress code, and all speak only one language and only that language can be understood by all.”
“Really, which is that universal language, Aramaic?”
“No, Mathew, its Love and the dress code, white.”
“Rafael, you know, when you told about the dress code, Jesus too has told in a parable about dress code, where a rich man inviting people for banquet, does it have any connection to the dress code of Heaven?”
“Exactly Mathew, you said it aptly. Now about the dress code, don’t take literally and go and stitch white dresses for you all. In heaven, whatever we speak is connected to your inner self.”
“Oh!!! But what is inner self. Can you say it briefly?”
“There is only one definition for the inner self. The Real You, God’s own creation, the real Mathew or Mark or Monica or Rebecca  and the real you is able to see God, feel God and be with God, but now a shell has  covered the real you?”
“Really? Which shell?”
“The disobedience of our first parents and then our worldly quest for fame, name, riches, that is when we really go blind, then we lose our identity in that maze and there by lose our dress code. The aura or our inner light of our self is the dress code.”
“So in real fact the three men in that Bishop’s story received the dress code, right?”
“Yes Monica, they received it and with it all the faculties of God. To reach there, it is no easy task. Its like building the tower – a tower to heaven. There are lots of hurdles, the first thing that needs to be known is, the strength of the foundation of the tower.
“How can we make a strong foundation Rafael?”
“Good thoughts and good actions, a knowledge that you would not be able to reach Heaven singlehandedly, then naturally, your ego would not step in.”
“Why do you say that Rafael?”
“If at any point of time, when you think, you are supreme, you are privileged and invincible, then the tower falls down because ego is the root cause of all evil. Then again you will have to start from scratch to find the way to the destination.”
“What a pity.”
 “Yes Mathew, it’s a pity. Even though man has been given the capabilities as that of God, his full power comes out only when he unites with God and when man unites himself  with God, he becomes the epitome of humility and the power house of love. He doesn’t need name or fame or riches because he has reached his destination. He gets to know the universal truth that nothing can be more fulfilling than the love of God. Nothing can be replaced for God. That is a moment when time comes to a standstill.”
“Do you mean to say that time would halt?”
“Yes Rebecca, not only time but the whole body comes to a standstill in the literal sense.”
“Rafael, you’re not joking right?”
“No Rebecca, I’m not joking. Prayer or chatting is an act of love. When you love someone, you are able to talk to them easily or else will you be able to do that? – talk to your enemies?”
“No Rafael.”
“Exactly, a person filled with love do not have any tensions, any hatred, any vices, peace settles in the system. They are literally free birds. Their heart is clean and their system is clean. At that time, they’d be the perfect beings and do you know the cells too work differently. But when our hearts are filled with or partially filled with or if there is even a slight hatred or vice or anger or whatever evil, wastes starts accumulating.”
“What type of wastes Rafael?”
“Wastes of anger, revenge, sadness, etc... and do you what happens when waste accumulates?” All nodded in the negative
“It creates blocks, then naturally the working of the cell is hindered and thereby diseases, hopelessness  and oldage sets in faster. So while communing with God, your body will naturally gain the luster of love and thereby stopping your body from ageing and starts the reverse process of flushing out all that is evil from you and makes you a child. So has the time come to a standstill, we became what God wanted us to be children – innocent and pure. So be known that prayer can make you young and healthy . But we have again deviated from our course. So now you know how heaven is and how can you get there. But good actions alone cannot lead you to Heaven. We’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(28)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

Monday, January 28, 2013

Actually, Where is God?


So what is the first important thing you need when you pray?”
“Accept God as My Father.”
“Good and the second one?”
“Be present for God.”
“Exactly, Now for the third one, try to bring something special for God, which you feel He would love it.”
“Rafael, God is God. He is the owner of all creation, what can we give Him, when we have nothing?” Rafael nodded.
“In the story of Lord Krishna and Kuchela, which I told yesterday, there are two things that touched me, one was Lord Himself coming to meet His friend when Kuchela was in front of His corridor and the second was Lord eating greedily the pounded rice presented by His friend,  poor man’s last morsel. Do you think He had nothing to eat in His palace? What does that mean?”
“His friend is very very special and his gift was very precious.”
“Exactly, it is not the size of the gift, what counts is the attitude. In Kuchela’s case, the strong bond of love. Your presence is a very big gift for God, but along with that if you could give Him something special, very unique, that is yours alone, then that would be a bonuswhat do you think?”
“Ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!How happy, God would be?”
“Yes, Rebecca, He’d be. “Good, now can I ask one question? I was thinking you’d ask it, but since, you haven’t I’ll ask?”
“What is it Rafael?”
“Where is God? Where are you planning to be with God? There should be a meeting point? Right?” All nodded
“In our heart?”
“No Monica, He is not in our heart.”
“Really, but I thought....”
“Yes Monica even I too thought so, but the truth is,  He is in heaven. His abode is  heaven.”
“But Rafael, can you just elaborate it?”
“Sure, When He started the creation. He divided this creation into two, Earth and Heaven. So be sure, Heaven is not an imaginary word or place. Its there and God resides there.”
“And in the old testament, God used to come to Eden, where Adam and Eve resided every evening and they used to have a chit chat, but only in the evenings. So naturally till then where was God??
“In Heaven?”
“Exactly. Do you remember what was the height planned for The Tower of Babel, where the mixing of tongue took place?”
“Quite Right, the people of the Old Testament knew, there was a physical heaven because the building of the tower was proof enough. Then when Jesus came, Jesus taught the prayer, He  specifically told “Our Father in Heaven, not Our Father in our hearts or Father who resides everywhere.” All smiled
“Before the death of Jesus, he told His disciples, that He is going to prepare a place for us in the abode of His father. And whenever God acknowledged that Jesus is His son or when Jesus prayed, the focal point was Sky above. So never think, that Heaven some fluke of imagination of the writer, because it is not.” All nodded.
“But how would you go there?”
“Have you heard of travelling thoughts?”
“Do you mean to say, the thoughts we think, travel?”
“Exactly Mark . Thoughts travel just like electricity but much much much more faster, when we think of a person, that person gets the message, at that very moment sometimes they respond immediately by calling.”
“That might be true Rafael because I have got calls, immediately when I think of my friends or cousins.” All nodded.
“Do you know if we go deeper in search of God, we would gain the power to send not only our thoughts but our person as a whole along with our thoughts.”
“Really, Woow!!! That’s superb”
Yes Mathew, its simply superb. But that we’ll discuss later. So we’ll continue, how we’ll go to heaven. First, you should know, for God there is no special place, wherever you are is also fine with God.” All nodded.
“So now you are going to travel with your thought, First and foremost   shut your brain and your five senses.”
“How do we do that, Rafael? Its simply impossible.”
“At first, it’d be next to impossible, but as God said, for man, if he puts his will, he could achieve the very impossible. He said it so with His very mouth.”
“The Tower of Babel, Right?”
“Yes, Exactly. Always Bring this thought forward, whenever you find any task difficult. For man, God has given everything to be conquered and not be subservient. If God is above us, then we should be above God’s other creations. When Man first stepped on the moon, he conquered the sky. Is it an easy task?” All nodded in the negative.
“So never ever think the word impossible. Take it out of your vocabulary, united with God, you can conquer the Universe and all above and below it. But we should be compulsorily with God. That is what we are going to learn.”All nodded.
“So there are some etiquettes, which we have to follow, when we have to meet God. I’ll give an example just evaluate it yourself.” All nodded. “A very important person invited you because you saved his son’s life. You are in front of him. He says profusely thank you then he gets a phone call and he is on the phone, but he shows action to you to eat and still on the phone hearing someone else and in between his eyes on the television, seeing something else and munching what has put in front of you and you are there in front of all these commotion. What would you feel?”
“I’d never ever make the mistake to see that man. I’d rather flee to my worst enemy than tolerate such torture. What a gratitude. Rafael, can anything become so vulgar?”
“Exactly, Rebecca, we make the same mistake when we are with God, thoughts somewhere, eyes watching the TV, ears, eavesdropping, nose sensing  good smell. So what is the point in being with God. He would really hate our very presence. Never ever do that.”
“Thank you Rafael, you really opened our eyes. But how do we shut our brain and senses?”
“Stop your worldly thoughts and focus on God, stop your sight, you can keep your eyes open but if you chose you cannot see, likewise all the senses. Focus all of it to see heaven and God alone. When you decides, God will come to you to help you. When Kuchela came to Lord Krishna’s door. God Himself came to welcome Him and the rest of the Journey was with God. That is what you should know. God is always focused on you alone. He knows your every thought, every wish. So the decision to be with God is your turning point. He will guide you. When the three men decided to meet God, look what all gifts God gave and do you know the best character which we would gain when we find God? In all the stories, you will find that. Can anyone say?” All nodded in the negative.
“Humble, humility.”
“Kuchela after departing from God, he didn’t boast that he came from Lord Krishna. The three men, when they were told that the Lord has taught a prayer, they were humble enough to learn that even when they knew that their prayer were far superior. This is not done purposely. It comes naturally because when we are in front of God, in front of the love of God, we are just ants. He keeps everything at our disposal, but our focus would never wander to anything worldly at that time, that love of God is all consuming, a blanket which warms every pore of our being. The fulfillment, which we had been craving for is fulfilled. Then there wouldn’t be anything you’d ever want. You’d never want to move away from God. In the coziness of His embrace. At that moment, our every cell, all the organs of our body our senses, would never wish for anything other than the presence of God.”
“Oh!!! Rafael, hearing it itself, I feel so happy. How can God really fulfill all our craving in a moment?”
“When you come to know the uselessness of what we are surrounded with, nothing can stop our cravings and that is when God sents the cross road to you. You choose and that choice is what makes you special. God doesn’t force Himself on us. If you want God, you should choose and not He.”
“But Rafael, is it important to choose?”
“Yes Mathew, it is very very important, that is what decides our destiny, no other person can be blamed for that. In the very beginning, when Adam decided to disobey, he broke the connection with God. When Mother Mary, mother of Jesus decided to bear God Himself in her womb, we were saved. When Jesus decided to take the cross on himself, that torture He went through to make that decision. When Kuchela decided to meet Lord Krishna, when the girl decided to live with the boy, when the three men decided to meet God, when man decided to build the tower that touches heaven. All these are decisions, either yes or no. The choice is there. Do you know why He gave us the choice?” All nodded in the negative.
“Because He gave us wisdom, the only creature with wisdom, the power to know what is right and what is wrong.” Rebecca’s eyes brimmed with tears and she spoke incoherently.
“Why Rafael, we didn’t know all these things before? How do we stand before God, which we had to be there long time back.” All nodded.   
“Don’t feel sad for that Rebecca, you’re lucky, you came to know of this at least now, but there are people, who are still in the dark. God opens Himself to the people who are good at heart. we’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(27)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Don't Pray, Chat


 It was years back, I happened to read a very touching story about three men in an island, away from the maddening world. Their aim was to meet God. They were very famous across the world. One day a Bishop of the neighbouring island was passing by and wished to meet these famous men. So he requested the captain to do the necessary arrangements. The captain stopped the ship and arranged a boat for the Bishop, who reached the island safely. The three men, long, short and stout, frugally dressed welcomed him very lovingly. The Bishop introduced himself as the head of the catholic church of the area.
Then he asked, “Gentlemen,  how are you planning to achieve the goal of meeting God?” Then one of them replied
“Sire we have only one prayer, you are three and we are three bless us.” The Bishop nodded smiling. He asked them,
“Did you know, Jesus taught us a prayer?” They nodded in the negative and requested the Bishop to teach the prayer.
The Bishop willingly taught them the prayer, “Our Father thou art in Heaven Hallowed Be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation and deliver us Lord from every evil. Amen.”
“The specialty of the pupils were, when they prayed, their sound boomed the whole island and everyone who passed the island, kilometers away too could hear it. Anyway to make it short, the three men learned the prayer and by evening the Bishop left them, happy that he was of help in helping them meet God.” All smiled.
“The Bishop sat on the deck facing the island, hearing the prayer. He could no more hear the prayer as the ship moved away as darkness settled, but suddenly, he saw three lights moving towards the ship. The Bishop immediately called the captain,
“Are there any light houses nearby or any small islands?”
“No sire.”
“Then what is that moving light? I think its coming towards the ship.”
“I am not sure, sire.”
“Then, its better we stop the ship, and look what it is?” The captain nodded and stopped the ship. And to the surprise of all the passengers including the Bishop was shocked .”
“What sight was it Rafael?”
“The three men were running across the ocean, like on hard ground, to reach the ship.”
“Wow!!!! Just imagine, on the surface of the ocean.” All nodded.
“Yes Mathew, its simply unimaginable.”
“Why did they come?”
“They forgot the prayer, which the Bishop taught, so they came to ask the Bishop.”
“Just imagine the shock of the Bishop?” All smiled
“Yes, it was not only shock, it was an eye opener for the Bishop.” All nodded. Rafael continued, “he acknowledged it openly.”
“How come?”
“The Bishop humbly told them, “with all the prayers I have, I still have to travel this ocean by ship. So your prayer is the right one, continue the old prayer. That is the best one.” The three men nodded, climbed down the ship and returned the same way as they had come.”
“Ohhhh!!!!!!!!! Its so touching, isn’t it?” all nodded
“Yes, Rebecca, the right prayer which really comes from the heart would always be very touching, it would be simple and it should come from the very depths of you and it should be very very personal, a heart to heart talk, then it cannot go elsewhere. 
"Now - a - days, Heart - to Heart talk can be possible when we chat in the facebook." All smiled and nodded.
"Exactly That is the best prayer, then why don't you guys chat with God?" All nodded.
“But Rafael, How come they were able to walk on the ocean?”
"The three men had only one aim, to meet God and they came to this island to pray and they didn’t change the course elsewhere. So as the prayer life progressed, the inner person resurrected from the maze of worldliness, ego, evil thoughts and actions." All nodded
"That is when we get the aura or  the inner light which radiates out, it is then  if he wants, he can transform land to ocean and the ocean to land, such is the power of prayer. It is not simply story regarding the aura and transformation, it’s a fact. For those people who have conquered self which can be achieved only through the way of the cross, resurrect from  the maze and the inner light radiates.”
“That might be the reason, why Jesus too had this aura and He too walked on the ocean after the Resurrection. That means we can achieve it.” All nodded. Rafael too smiled and nodded
“Good, I’m glad, you started thinking in depth the secrets of the Bible. Now, when you read the Bible, you’ll know that there is something, which God wants you to know, but how would you get it?”
“Through prayer?”
“Exactly through prayer and the prayer Jesus taught is the perfect prayer, but there is one thing, which you should really take care to note. Some etiquettes to follow”
“What is it Rafael?”
“God wants us to accept Him as Our Father and not God, call him, Father, not God.”
“Really? How did you know, Rafael?”
“Jesus is God and He Himself told, when He taught us the prayer “Our Father in Heaven” and not Our God in Heaven” all nodded
“Then before the death of Jesus, He did one last important act that made us the sons and daughters of God.”
“Really, When did it happen?”
“When Jesus was on the cross, “Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." What does that mean?”
“Now we too became the sons of God. So rightfully, we should call God, Father, isn’t it Rafael?”
“Yes Monica, you are right.”
But Rafael,  its easier said but very difficult to accept it so easily”
“Yes, that’s true,I’ll give one example, you are going to meet your dad in his office, you might not be well dressed or, you might not be that beautiful or smart. You’re scared to face him, but to your horror, if he smiles, when he sees you and comes to you, when he is with his overseas colleagues or big officials and introduces you to the whole gathering, as, “My daughter or My son. How would you feel?”
“My heart would burst with emotion. I would give my life for him.”
 “When your dad acknowledged you openly, what role you gave for your father? As that of a provider? or just as a father?”
“Above all that, Rafael. He has my whole heart, Rafael, If he can openly acknowledge me, then I can openly acknowledge him as that of a friend, guide, confidante and my father.”

“Exactly Mathew,  He was just your father before the meeting but after the introduction, when he openly accepted you, he became much more . God our father has done so much for you and still why is it difficult to accept Him as Father?” All nodded
“Replay all that God has provided you and openly acknowledge it, naturally you’d accept the fact that God is indeed more than a father.” All nodded.
“ That doesn’t mean that you should deny the worldly father or mother. Just make sure you know that God the father is much above the worldly fathers and mothers because, they they too pray because without God’s intervention nothing goes right. So you know where they stand and where God stands.” All nodded.
 “God wants you to share with Him all fears, love, hurt, joys, everything and no matter what, He’ll handle it for you.” All nodded.
“I would like to say a very touching story of Lord Krishna and his His best friend Kuchela. All nodded.
“They both were class mates in school, at that time it was gurukul, where the pupil stay with his teacher, until he completes his studies. So the two friends were very close in the gurukul. After education, they separated their ways, Kuchela was a poor Brahmin, so he followed the footsteps of his father and Krishna a prince. After many years, Kuchela married and started his family life, but the poverty persisted. And he never begged or asked for help from anyone, fed up of this situation, his wife asked him to go and ask his friend, Krishna to help him. “Since He is a prince, He would be able to help you.”
“Hearing this, Kuchela was very glad, not because he would get help, but because, he would be able to meet his old friend. So he set out very early to the palace of Lord Krishna, with pounded rice, which Lord Krishna liked very much. When he came to the corridor of the palace, the sentry blocked his path and asked him to wait until he get permission to go inside and after sometime, to Kuchela’s as well as the Sentry’s surprise, the Lord himself came to the corridor to welcome him. Kuchela was served delicious food, clothed royally, seeing all these abundance, Kuchela wanted to ask, but stopped himself from asking. The time came to leave, he got up to leave. At that moment, Krishna saw the small bag and asked,
“What is in the bag? Is it for me?”
Kuchela replied, “Actually I thought you would like pounded rice, but what you have here is far superb, than this.” saying so Kuchela tried to hide the bundle. But Krishna was no person, who would deny himself of what was brought to Him. He took the bundle and opened it. Seeing the way Krishna was gobbling the pounded rice, brought a contented feeling in the heart of Kuchela. He bid goodbye. Krishna didn’t give anything. But still Kuchela was happy. At least, Krishna didn’t forget him. As his house neared, Kuchela, thought about his wife and children, “What would they say, when they see me empty handed?” Thinking so, he came near his house and there instead of his hut stood a small palace.
“Oh God, my family, where are they? Where is my family?” He started crying and shouting his wife’s name, kids name and from the small palace came a very beautiful lady , like a princess and touched his feet.
“May God bless you my child. Do you know where my wife and children is?”
“Swamy, I’m your wife.”
“You can never be my wife. My wife doesn’t own a cloth which has no tear. Then how come you become my wife?”
Then the story unravels, at the moment when Kuchela reached the corridor of the Lord. He knew what Kuchela wanted and was granted. A big house, gold, land, food, whatever.”
“Do you know what this story means?” All nodded in the negative.
“Take the time to be with God, He would do the rest. You do not have to put a list of what you need. You just have to give your presence to him, he will royally accept you and fulfill all your needs. So what is the first important thing you need when you pray?”
“Accept God as My Father.”
“Good and the second one?”
“Be present for God.”
“Exactly, Now for the third one we’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(26)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Did Jesus Really Resurrect?


 “Children, now we’ll have to go back to the instance after the death of Christ.”
“Oh good, I was just dying to ask you Rafael, did Jesus really resurrect from the dead? Did he really came out alive after three days? Do you really believe it?” Rafael smiled.
 “Yes Mathew, He rose from the dead, it is the gift of God, bestowed on every son, who takes the cross, accepts it with humility and without uttering a single word, goes through the path that Jesus showed, which is very difficult, but still, if we continue till the very end and forgive unconditionally all the people who had a part in getting us the cross, then He will give the power and liberty to us to live eternally. That I believe.” All nodded.
“What do you think of the Holy Bible? Is it reliable?”
“That’s what you proved, Rafael. Yes, it is reliable.” All noded.
“Good, now you are capable of saying strongly.” All smiled.
 “In the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus is narrated by the soldiers who guarded the tomb of Jesus.” All nodded.
“If it was the disciples speaking, then everyone would have had some doubts. But the tomb was guarded by several soldiers and all of them had the same narration. But it was not actually the first time, the resurrection happened.”
“When Jesus was very much alive on Earth, he raised two people from the dead. Do you know who they were?”
“I know one, Lazarus.” All nodded
“Well the other one was 12 year old daughter of the Synagogue leader Jairus, who had fever and died.” All nodded.
If Jesus with the help of God can resurrect the dead when He was normal human being  then there is no point in blocking our belief that God, father of Jesus, the master of life and death cannot do it. And the best part is He has passed on all these powers to us, without losing a single iota of luster. You might be thinking, then how come no one resurrected after that, in the literal sense.” All nodded.
“In the literal sense we are being resurrected on a daily basis.”
“What does that mean, Rafael?”
“When a person whom you love most, hurts you with his cruel words or hurtful words or lie about you, what will be your feeling?”
“Shocked, numb and hurt.”
“Can you say, where does all these feelings come from?”
“Surely heart Rafael, isn’t it?”
“Yes Monica, Heart and when it is pierced with the lance of hurtful words, our heart bleeds, our eyes wet brims with tears, at that time if we really forgive the person from the very heart, then the death caused by the words, by the person doesn’t chain us to the daily squabbles, but helps us to rise much higher in the spiritual sense, where no hurt touches the heart. That higher position is always filled with love. Nothing can bring hurt, you’d always have a smile. A world were only love reigns. You are invincible, which means, unbreakable or unconquerable, That is what we call resurrection.”
“Once more Rafael, how can we resurrect?”
“When your heart fills with Love, you resurrect. Is there anything above love?”
“Nothing, Rafael.”
“Exactly Mark, when your heart is filled with love, your faith is so strong, that not a single doubt enters into you and when your heart is completely filled with faith, the mustard faith, then who can conquer you?”
“Only Love.”
“Yes, only love can conquer the unconquerable and what do you think, do you have it in you?”
“Yes Rafael, we have it in us, that is undoubtable and what you said is correct, God really passed all His powers to us, without losing an iota of luster. Oh!!! Now I know the base of all creation – Love isn’t it? But how can love resurrect us?”
“When we resurrect, there are no barriers of relationships, father, mother, brother, sister or anybody, all are one, God Himself in all of us. That is what we will have left of us, Love and oneness. Love breaks the barrier, conquer the unconquerable, I’ll better clear, what the unconquerable is.” All nodded.
“Hatred, doubt, laziness, lies, cheating, slander, etc...etc.... all the wiles known and unknown, they become part of you when you do not resurrect. So the Resurrection is a necessity and that can be achieved only if we consciously go the way Jesus showed us. But for that prayer is very much necessary or else, no sane man can go through that situation.” All nodded
“ We’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded be contd....(25)....
Until then... Take care.....Bye