Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tears - The flood gate of the heart is the most heartrending master piece of God.
Tears – The undoing of oneself as well as others
Tears – The Best expression of sadness as well as happiness.
When we win, we cry.
When we lose we cry
When born, we cry
When we die, others cry

Wow!!!! That’s a lot of emotion in one Expression. But Why Tears? ??????? G aaaa wwwwddd its so messy!!! Handkerchiefs, nose blowing, bleary eyed, hiccups.......

Its because we are earthlings, we live like human beings. Hii Hi Hi!!!! Sorry, don’t misunderstand, as per scientists, we are the much more advanced stage of apes, a cloistered existence.
We are happy, when we get something and sad, when we lose. And in a day, how much losing and winning, hurts and comforts, pleasure and pressure takes place, God only knows. Is it worth it to go through all these on a daily basis? Don’t you think, that we really are in a mixer being churned and churned with all these experiences, life long? Come on guys, we’ll go on a journey.

Look at the nature around, (Oh! Not like that!!) Look as if you are looking at a master piece of an artist, for example “Mona Lisa of Da Vinci”

Now look at nature,  what’s the speciality? I’ll simplify it for you. “The Sun rises and sets and when the sun is not there the moon comes in and goes off and stars of different kinds are dusted here and there at night, that is celestial ritual and earthly ritual is days come and days go, seasons come and seasons go, months come and months go, life comes and life goes.” Its all a continuous process, there is no stopping of anything. Am I right?

Now turn to you, look deeply at you. “Are you really happy, in the sense that no sadness or happiness touches your heart? “Sorry, I know that question is insane, but that is the reason, we are all living for - to be always happy. Even though you have loads of money, there is something missing, when you find the right person to love, there is something missing, you have found the right house with all the specifications you wished for fulfilled, there is something flawed, Isn’t it? Is there a thing called eternal happiness or happily ever after?

Sure, there is and that is within your grasp. Do you want to achieve it? Well, I’m also with you, we’ll start the journey together.

I want you to try an experiment, “Write your name on a small stone and throw it very far into an open space. (Try not to throw it on anyone’s head, or else you could end up in eternal prison) Now find it back.” Just wait, I haven’t found mine, I’m still searching, hoping to find.” That is whom we are, searching for the nonexistent person. You might be famous or rich or talented, but in the inside you are void – Something missing.
Trying to fill up with things that we feel makes us happy. But to no avail. You will never be happy. For that you will have to fill that void, not by tears or happiness, but by love, by caring, sharing, giving, understanding, then you will come to know, that beyond these wordly pleasures and pleasures, the sun and the moon, the days and months, there is a place where time stands still, where sun never sets and death doesn’t touch , where, all are happy inside out. You might be wanting to know, where that place is, Its your heart filled with love. Only then you would be the real you – then the thrown stone would be found.

“Real Love doesn’t expect anything in Return. (There is no Give and take)
Real Love Has no half measure, only full measures,(Gives completely.)
Real Love is Unselfish (Doesn’t think of ones well being)
Real Love has no Goals (Lives in the present)”

I know, its unacceptable. But if you have to break the barrier of emotions and come out of the mixing machine, then live the moment with love and not with tears. “Can I pass you a secret, if you are going to live lovingly, then I guarantee, you would look perennially young and healthy. That is a naked fact”. Why don’t you try it?



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