Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Family

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Says  Confucius, the Chinese philosopher.
Honorable Judges, respected teachers and my dear friends.

I’m here before you to speak about “My Family”.

 Grandpa,/ Granny, /papa, /amma, two sisters,/ a brother/ and myself is my family./ Grandpa a….lways plays with us children./ He has always time for me,/ answers all my questions./ Where as granny,/ smilingly sits beside grandpa peeling onions or cutting vegetables./ My dad  and my mom goes for job in the morning/ and returns by evening./  
My mother prepares yummy foods no matter how tired she might be /and helps me in my studies./ She gives me bath / washes my clothes/ and puts me in bed along with my siblings./
Though my father is firm,/ he is a loving man./ he has never punished me./ He always ensures, that I do not misuse my things. / He instilled in me to be honest./
My sisters are elder and my brother is younger to me. In short my family is a b…..ig family.
I’d like to say an incident which made me love my family more. /One day,/ I lost my science notebook./ I couldn’t find it in my class. / I searched it everywhere, /my bag, /my class neighbours’ bag,/ my shelf /and wherever possible./ But nowhere was it found. /
 I reached home and told my grandpa about it /and together we rummaged the whole house/ but to no avail. /I lost heart,/ I couldn’t play/ or eat /or sleep,/ that evening, my mother asked me to take my science book/  I couldn’t lie to her./ So I, /with brimming eyes and trembling lips,/ told the truth./ She was surprised at first, /but she just patted my shoulder and said,/”Don’t worry, we’ll do something for it/ adding, /you will have to say this to papa./
I shut my eyes tight,/ thinking of what lay in store for me/ and deathly worried,/  waiting for my papa to arrive./ At la….st,/ he arrived./ I waited for him to get relaxed /and the moment came for the judgment. /I looked at grandpa/ and he gave me a thumbs up sign and a wink./ I nodded,/ took a dee…eep breath/ and slowly went to my parents room./ My dad was reading the newspaper./ He looked at me./ my heart plummeted,/ I felt, he was not in a good mood,/ but since I had already planned to stand on the guillotine,/ I told my truth with a sinking heart./ He took a deep breath/  folded and placed the paper on the table beside him/ and got up with a serious face………/
and Lo Behold!! /He took me in his arms and embraced me tightly and said,/ “I’m really proud of you, my child./ You spoke the truth./That’s enough/ Not to worry/ we’ll buy a new book /and write the whole notes.” /I couldn’t believe my ears. /
My grief and the fear which was kept in check, burst out and flowed freely./  Hearing me howl, /all the family members came and patted my back and consoled me./ Then I knew, why I love my family, /because, /they love me. They are my strength. /
Family is one of nature's masterpieces, which is irreplaceable. I’ll cherish it till the very end of my life.


Take care and be happy.

With  Love


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