Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lost & Found

It was as usual, a sunny day and it was going to set, well naturally in the West. But my destiny had just risen in the East – a changed destiny. I was not in a situation where I could boast of anything because I was literally thrown out of my own home and along with it, I had nothing to say, as my own or a person to lean on. It was a moment where only a big chasm was in front. I was literally dead inside. I had no thought of my own. I went to the chapel, where I usually go every morning – the adoration convent, to say bye to my best friend, don’t think it’s a nun. Or anybody in person, it was Jesus. You might want to know, what I spoke then, well its easy to comprehend, I only asked Him, “After all these years of friendship, how did it end like this?”  You know what the reply would be (smile) “No comments”. Before getting up, I squeezed my eyes shut, don’t think I was crying, no I hadn’t any tears (generally a dead person don’t have tears), I made a last request, “Please God, don’t bring me back here. I have had enough, please do hear this, for just this once. I kissed the floor, the very last time and bid adieu to my very best friend, His abode and slowly walked off with no destination in mind, in search of her – the long lost girl, me. Hoping against hope that miracles do happen. Well! It didn’t happen, not so fast, but by then, I knew the people whom I had thought were friends and foes, their mentality, the words they uttered. It was not that good, to be frank, they were gutter minded. But life had a special way to take care of us in these situations – The cocoon of God’s Grace. I really cannot believe, that, never had I a moment of fear. All were taken care of for me, the people, whom I was going to meet, the place to stay, the job I was going to do and above all my life which I was going to lead, In short a well mapped life, but I had no role to play other than sit in it, the rest was taken care of. There wasn’t any situation, where I had to shed a single drop of tear, only my thoughts were the only thief who brought tears. Then I decided, its high time, I rein my thoughts and leave my life solely in the hands of the ever loving God and say the prayer, “Thy Kingdom come according to Thy Will. Amen” By then I found who I was, the very best masterpiece of God - Meena. 

I told you this, so that when a worst situation arises in your life, never get worried. Life has its worst and the very best, do not fall for it, because we are not the drivers of our life, we are the passengers,  the best thing to do is, sit and feel the wind in your hair, you'd love the ride, the rest will be taken care of, that's a promise, which would be fulfilled, only if you let it.

Take care, Bye


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