Friday, September 14, 2012

My Best Day

 Today I was thinking, which is my best day of my life. So I started evaluating, what should be my criteria for selecting that special day. Good food? Or Loved ones around? or feeling loved and cherished?  The day, when my wishes were granted? Well I hadn’t a clue on that, but still I thought I’ll just evaluate all the above criteria.

I feel, food is a necessity and not a luxury. To be able to eat all sorts of food is a blessing and to have food three times a day is a great blessing and to have tasty food at that is even more great a blessing.
I have been with people of different religion, caste, creed, state and nationality my entire life. And all have given me more respect and love than bargained. That doesn’t mean, that I haven’t had my share of humiliations and hatred. I have had more than enough. I just let it pass by, no hard feelings.
It’s the attitude one generates around others is what matters in the end.
            My wishes are to hear the birds sing, to eat tasty food, sweet scent of flowers, to be able to smile, just for the fun of smiling, a small breeze, the silence, sit idly, able to do an act of kindness, to be able to sleep and to have one very best friend, who really understands, cares, be with me during both happy and unhappy times.
            To be frank, when I assessed my life, I was very surprised to note, that I am one of the lucky few, who has all the above wishes fulfilled and I do not want it to stop. I’ll cherish it till the very last breath of my life – This moment.
            Everybody has got the opportunity to savour every moment  of life by living ones best moment. So why fret on the negatives, when we have all the positive energy around. Be with the moment and live the moment and that would be the best day of life. Mine has been every day and I love my life. As someone told. Write your hurts on sand and good on stone, then there wouldn't be any moment of regret.

Take care.




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