Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sister Act

          Yesterday I watched the movie, Sister Act. I do not know, how many times, I have watched this movie. But it has really moulded my life a lot. The main character, Sister Mary Clarence, who has a past, is running away from it and gets into the most sanctified of places, where she feels suffocated. But eventually her life changes or lets say, she gets transformed. She is involved in what she likes best, singing. The funny part is the mother superior, who couldn’t tolerate Sr. Mary Clarence gave her duty to sing as punishment. But that became a blessing for both the sisters. She not only bloomed but helped the other sisters who got stagnant in their call to serve God renew their love for God and brought the people around to know God. In the process Sr. Mary Clarence was relieved from her past.
          That is life, a maze and the people, the pointers. Some help us to lead to our destination very quickly. Those people are the people who hurt us more. We should be thankful to them because we would never be able to reach our destination, like Judas, when he betrayed Jesus. I would always think, if Judas was not there how would the plan of God fulfill in Jesus. So if it were not for the hurting people we would always repeat our life experiences again and again. Just imagine So be thankful for these people and go forward with your goal, find God. Those people if rectified of the actions and repent, then better or else, they are doomed. Try not to be the people who hurt others because you will have to bear the consequences. That is the uniqueness of our identity.
          In short, know that there is a goal for everybody - find God. Or else God would really turn tables until we find Him. That is why He has put hurting people. If we are in the right track, that is when we change hearts and clear all the cobwebs of our own past deeds. So as all religions preach, good deeds can clear bad karma. Do something nice and get to find the right way to God or you’ll always be in the maze not knowing how to get out.
 Take care & Be happy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Frail Hope

          I had not known the value of hope until I lost it. It was not that bad. I had lost the sense to feel. I was normal outwardly. No tears, just smile, in short I was an automaton. I had nothing to lose or gain just a dead person inside. It was at that time I happened to stay with a group of nursing students. Seeing their work schedule and their daily routine, there was nothing. Their life was just like mine, a robotic life, work, sleep and eat, but they had one more thing, which I hadn’t, lots of expectations and hope. Its good, they have just stepped into life. Its just a beginning for them. If ever they talk, it was about their patients, their diseases, the doctors, the other staff, the complaints, the gossip.
          In all these talk, there was one thing in common on a daily basis. Most of the patients didn’t want to live. 90% were poison cases. They consume all the weird poisons, I have ever heard, one consumed Neurobion, its actually a B complex tablet, another, toilet cleaner, Yuck!!! another Paracetamol, and another floor cleaner, Ugh!!!! but the most weird one I have ever heard was, a patient consumed mosquito repellent, which we get in small bottles (All Out). Luckily no one died. But the funniest matter was all the patients were male. Just imagine! The Macho Man with Poison? How the world has changed. But for me, whether male or female, when one loses hope, it’s the same- Death. But death is not an answer to all maladies - Life is. Try to live and make a difference, even if it is not for you, at least for someone out there, who knows, it might be your turning point.
          So I think, I’ll have to start from scratch. Don’t lose hope. I haven’t. For me life is too good to be squandered for trivial problems. Live life and break free of all tangles
Bye, Take Care.