Sunday, November 20, 2011

Utilise Your Existence

            I have always wondered, why people are not happy. They are always running for something like money, love, luxury, house, car, etc. They get it and still they are unhappy. Today I saw a group of people just living for existence-To Survive.
 I was travelling in Dehi, when my vehicle halted in a red signal. Since, it was a junction, I had to wait for sometime there. I looked through the window and saw a spectacle, that really ripped my heart. There was a roundabout in the middle of the road and in it was an open space, just bare ground. And the roundabout was fenced with iron grills. In some places, there were some grills missing, but overall, we don’t find anything odd in the missing grills. But the sight within was unimaginable.
For Delhiites winter had already set in, with fogs and mists and cold seeping in to the bones have all started. In this spectacle there where children ranging from 2 ½  month old toddler to very old people sleeping on bare uneven ground, under the roof of the sky covering themselves with a single blanket, to ward off the severe cold. They were all fine. Nobody was wailing or doing any tantrums. They were as happy as the birds of the sky and the grass near the roadside. They live their best, utilizing every single option extended before them. But my eyes filled. These people, they were not bothered about their appearance, not even a cough was heard from that group and they were so peaceful a group, that I felt awed by the way they live. We might feel that life is being cruel to them. But I’ll say, life was being cruel to us or is it, we are being cruel to our lives, which has given the very best for each of us?
People who have had the luxury of living inside a house, big or small, knows, how difficult it would be to manage the cold, inside a house with blankets, room heaters, sealing of all doors and windows and if there isn’t a proper roof, its unimaginable. We have all the comforts, we add more to it, but still we are not sufficient with whatever we have and still we wail, “Why is God, not considering us?” but for these people, sleeping under the sky,  on the small uneven ground is more than luxury.
So then you know, how much lucky should we be of our existence. How much thankful should we be to God. But we worry so much, that we fall sick and live an existence, which is no good for our own self and a curse and burden for others – A waste.
Never let worries bog your existence, accept the day you have got, live it to the full and the rest will happen naturally. And what is the rest, health, wealth, peace, contentment and happiness. Its not the life, that should be blamed but the way that you live your life is what should be looked into. So change your attitude towards your existence, your life. Take it happily, cherish it lovingly and live it fruitfully.
Bye Take Care.

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