Friday, November 18, 2011

The Power of Word

            My mother had always been stingy on words. She never used words, more than was necessary but if she Gives a Word. She kept it.  When my dad passed away, my mom had to manage on her own, her trait of keeping word continued. I was used to this type of lifestyle, which I took it for granted. But after my dad’s death, I came out of the cocoon of my family. The outside world was crueler, there, the people were so blatant in using words, for making promises, lying, cheating, God knows, what all additives. It was a gory scene that people made with words. But whatever consequences, I learned one thing in life. The word, which comes from our mouth are more powerful, than actions.
            I would like to say an incident, which happened not long back. A teacher promised a 10yr old child in the boarding, that she would allow her to call her parents, during the weekend. The boarder was very happy. The weekend arrived, the boarder asked the teacher, “Miss can I call my parents?” At that time, I was with the teacher.
The teacher, a lady in her 50s looked up into the face of the girl, who was smiling broadly at her.
The child’s smile wavered, but tried to keep it intact, “You told me, you’ll allow me to call.”
“Look, I might say whatever I wish, but that doesn’t mean I should do it. If I ask you to jump in the well, will you do it?”
The girl nodded in the negative, trying to keep back her sob. But that insensitive teacher went on. “Likewise, sometimes, I would choose not to do it, and I don’t remember having promised any such things to you. Now off you go. I have work to complete.”
The child turned around and fled. I was sad. I felt hurt by the insensitivity of the teacher. And I couldn’t do nothing, as she was her boarding mistress. I went to the chapel, just to clear my thoughts, sit there in the peace and tranquillity of the place. When I reached the place, there in front of the Infant Jesus statue, the girl was sitting and pouring out her grief. I didn’t disturb her or didn’t make my presence known. I sat at the back pew closed eyed and prayed, ”Please God, heal this child’s wound. Let not she believe all teachers are like this.” (Since I am a teacher and I didn’t have any teachers of this sort in my time) I continued, “Show her your love. Please God, only you can save her.” After an hour of sitting in the peace and tranquillity, I was ready to face the world. I opened my eyes. By that time, the child had gone. I came down the steps and  saw, the most wonderful sight, “the parents of the child had arrived.”  I refrained myself from any emotional outburst, instead I just looked upto heaven and mouthed, “Thank you God”, teary eyed.
The child came up to me smilingly and spoke, “Miss, my parents arrived to take me home for a week.” I embraced the child,
“That’s wonderful, now get ready to go.”
“Yes, Miss, just a moment, I’ll just say bye to my friend.”
The child went inside the chapel, kneeled in front of the Infant Jesus statue and said, “Thank you for bringing my parents. Please come with me home. I need you there.” Kissed the statue and fled. Infant Jesus heard her word and help her fulfill it. This girl, believed in Infant Jesus, as her best friend but it was just a statue for the intelligent man. She told her wish to this statue to speak with her parents. And Jesus had brought them. Its a Miracle.  This child used her words to speak to Jesus.  Those words brought a miracle. Know the power of the word, that comes from your mouth. Its better to be stingy than use it mindlessly.
            Man has his limitations, its true, that doesn’t mean that he has to break words and promises and use it falsely. Lucky are the people who are mute, they never break words because they haven't given it.
 God has given wisdom, only to man but he is always, hiding behind “Limitation Flaw”. Then what is he doing with his wisdom, playing football?  Never use a word recklessly. You would know the value of it only when someone breaks a very important word they have made to you. Why wait to learn it the harsh way? What you sow, so shall you reap. So, count on it, if you have broken promises and be sure, that much number of times, you would be on the receiving end of broken promises.
We all know, that we are all the children of God, with the first breath of God, he breathed into us,  we are united with Him, then naturally we’ll have an innate Godly characteristic? Why don’t we try to take it out from our inner soul and act Godly at least once- God would never backtrack on his word. So why don’t you try  to keep a word you have promised? Man has the capability to bring the moon on a platter.  And its much more easier, not to give word, if you have, then use your words to make the miracle happen – The Miracle of Love.
Well, to tell you the truth, to keep word is so difficult, that I think, conquering the Mt. Everest is much more an easier task. What do you think? So think twice, when you open your mouth.
Take care and bye.


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