Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mustard Faith

                I have always wondered why Jesus caught hold of mustard or its tree in many of his speeches. I used to wonder, is it really true, that we do not even have an iota of faith? What was He conveying to us? Well, we’ll have to delve into it. For that you should have the sharpest and the thinnest blade.
                I know, you have cut vegetables and fruits into two. Likewise, slowly and very carefully, why don’t you cut the mustard seed into two?
                When you cut an apple, there is a little bit of space somewhere in it, like an air hole. Likewise all other fruits and vegetables have it, but the mustard has not a single pin point of blank space in it. That means, think your heart as a mustard, in that, never ever have even a pin point of doubt, or else the miracle  which should have been yours for the taking would burst out like a bubble.
                How do we create a mustard Faith?  When all doors are closed and you have no other choice, then your eyes automatically would be raised to heaven and the deep, painful, weeping sigh pierces, the doors of heaven shaking the very foundation of Heaven, forcing God to just give it then and there, your request. That is how mustard faith works. Complete surrender to God.
Usually, we rely on human help or human intervention and think they can solve our problem. And pacify ourselves, that God is using the said human as a means to help us. That is the first hurdle that we put in front of us and God, then naturally, God has no option but to step aside for the lowly human. And when it flops, we are devastated and cry,
“Oh God, Why did you do this to me?” Then obviously, God would ask,
“What, did I do?” Well we won’t hear it. We blame God for our difficulties. But He just looks from heaven and nods His head resignedly, not knowing what to do, then He in His different ways of reaching us, gives us hints and messages and sometimes shouts to us from the roof tops. “Come On! Have faith in me. Ask Me.” But pitily our, hearts are stunted to all His pleas. Do you know why? Because, we are not used to hearing the inner voice- the voice of God. For that we should spare some time to be silent.
To know, we have a voice inside, the best way is to come to a deserted cross road in a very alien place, the first question that comes to mind is, “Which road should I take?” That is when we hear the voice, “This road, take it.” But we are we, very doubtful Thomases. We deny that answer and take our way and fall into the ditch. So in order to avoid it, Jesus told us to have mustard faith. Surrender everything to the almighty.
Imagine, if you have mustard faith, then what are the advantages? The mustard when sown in a fertile soil, grows to become a tree - a mustard tree. Its so huge and vast, that the birds, several of them just roost in it, uninvited. Do you know, the speciality of birds? It would keep the tree insect free, and gives the tree company. Its widespread roots prevent it from falling during Wind, storm or earth quake.  Height wise, it’ll be closer to the sky.  So in human heart, the mustard faith sprouts and grows to make us an invincible force to reckon with. All the best in life automatically happens to you, which we call graces of God. You don’t have to ask anything to God, He’ll give it to you voluntarily.
In the movie, “Babies Day Out.” I was really surprised by the way, the baby reaches each of the destination,  such precision and timing, it was a nail biting experience. That is what Jesus is asking, A total Abandon. That is the fun of living. “Once I asked God, to stop the sun set until I reach my destination.” That was my way of asking, from my little thinking. And when I reached there, not only did the sun set, but it was so dark, that I couldn’t see my hand connected to my body. Anyway God didn’t leave me stranded. We all know, He holds the timing (nick of time) and the goal. He gave me the perfect light to reach home – the moon and a cyclerickshawalla. I reached my place, safely and without casualties. He surely has some weirdest ways to help. But one thing be sure. “He would Help. Never Ever Doubt It.” In short, have “The Mustard Faith.”

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