Saturday, November 19, 2011


Love – Its The Elixir of Life. It might be for a person, for the nation, for mankind. But actually, What is Love?
Love, it is a feeling which comes from within, from our Self. Its a feeling believed to cure all ills. It is a feeling  which makes us the perfect human being. It is a feeling which transcends all feelings, all bonds and above all it helps us unite with the Supreme God.  
Love is portrayed in many ways. Love of parents, children, friends, spouse, etc... But can we define love? No, we cannot because it is unique in nature. It holds special and different meaning for each person.  By a simple look, a smile, a pat, a gift,  but the end result is indeed worth reviving.
The main quality of love is unselfishness. Love humbles the person, he loses his ego, so as to accommodate each and everybody. A mother becomes a mother not only to her child but also to other children too. She with her love conquers the heart of her kids, their friends, their parents and a chain reaction starts which helps her in conquering a society. Its just a small example of the power of love
Its not easy to get love, we cannot force others to love us. But its easy to give it. Its free flowing unless one wishes to stop it. Love has helped families to heal their differences, hurts. It has helped kids to grow in the right direction. It can help conquer evil and bring light to the darkened corners of human hearts. But how do we Love? The secret recipe is “Hear the heart. She will guide you.
For the love of the destitute, Mother Teresa offered her life. For the love of her country Joan of Arc  gave her life. For the love of God people become ascetics. They all have succeeded in life, Its not in the terms of money or position, but in the sense of inner happiness and fulfillment. They don’t have any regrets, Do you know why? They sacrificed their life out of Love. And this sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. The power of love cannot be contained - The all conquering love. It is explosive in itself. It is the most powerful tool in breaking the barriers of hatred and differences.
Love cannot be replaced. It can take different forms - The form of understanding, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad. It makes allowances for human weaknesses. It is always optimistic and it doesn't brood over the past. If you have found love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you lack.
If you haven’t, no matter what else you have, you are a cripple, you are a lost person, so search for it, ask God for it, He surely has it abundantly. He can give it to you, but, you have a homework to complete.
Look around and take hold of each and every opportunity. Give your time and talent to the very needy, then the resultant good feeling generates the feeling of love.
I would like to share an incident, which happened recently, I was standing in a bus stop. A very old and frail lady might be 80+ years old came and asked a nun who was standing near me to direct her to a bus stop, which was on the opposite side of the road. The nun opened her mouth to say the direction, then closed it and took hold of the old lady’s hand and slowly helped cross three roads of the highway, (as it was a junction where the vehicles rode very fast)  and just left her in front of the bus stop. You should have watched the expression of the old lady, the relief of the old woman was tangible. the nun, she had a spring to her step. and the people who witnessed it, all had a smile, (seeing the Good Samaritan work). The nun had the opportunity to help, to show her love for another human being, she utilized it. It really brings a satisfaction.
Likewise, all people do respond to a genuine help extended towards them and that’s what makes us special. You feel a love for yourself, because, God gave us the talent and the opportunity and we utilized it. These small acts would help you change your attitude. You would love to help others, initially, to see the expressions on their faces, then in due course, you won’t matter about the expressions, what matters more, is the love we have for the person (as a son/daughter of God).
When you sow the good oats in the hearts of others, the love for fellow beings, get passed on to others too, that is what Love does. It transfers, it grows and it flourishes into a large field of hearts, who reap the oats of inner peace, happiness and above all a union with God, which should be our aim in life - Be with God. So now you know how God answers your prayers. Just watch out and grab it and Fall in Love.

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