Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Act of Miracle

            It was during a marriage ceremony, a miracle happened, for me. It was ages back when marriage feast were not given for caterers. It was my cousin’s marriage and the neighbours, friends, relatives were all pitching in their share of presence in peeling, scraping, cooking and a lot of talks, laughter, shouts and running around. I was 17. I was also there sitting with the bride-to-be, who was also my best friend. She came to me secretly and told, “Our cooking gas is over and we cannot get a single cylinder from anywhere.” The first thought that came to mind was, “Ask Jesus”. And I told her, just give me five minutes, don’t worry, you’ll get your cylinder.” We both sat on the front stairs, where no one was there or was there? I don’t remember, but one thing was sure, no one knew we were praying, we sat there and I asked strongly “Jesus, you should really give us the gas cylinder, which we need it real real badly. And I included, please don’t humiliate me here because she knows I’m asking you. So please and said bye to Jesus and came out of our conversation. Then I asked St. Jude too. Don’t let Jesus to stay idle until He provides the gas cylinder. All these took not more than two minutes, but as I had requested, in the stipulated 5 minutes, the miracle took place. A used gas, which even the owner doesn’t know, whether it’d stay for more than an hour, was sent for us and the surprising fact was, all the food were cooked with that cylinder and they used it 1 week after marriage too. I do not know, how many miracles happened in that single day. But it was not the number of miracles, but it was the act of miracle, which touched me. When mother Mary brought a grief of the marriage family to Jesus, something grander happened, where only certain few knew, because, they were the people whom God, really wanted to see that God can perform miracles. In our case too, only the two of us knew the miracle had happened on that day.
But what could prompt the act of miracle?
The unfailing love? The rock strong faith? Or is it simply the innocence of a child or is it humility? Well, I think all together can bring out the best from the hard hearted too.
Another miracle happened the first time I went to Hyderabad, I missed the railway station I had to get down. I got lost. It was a time, when mobile phones had not come into existence and the place where I had to go, had a phone only in the office. And the people I had to meet were my cousins, as I had come to enrol myself in college. I was totally alone with luggages more than an 18 year old could carry. We were bargaining that my cousin would be in the station and he could carry two of the bags. Seeing no recognisable face, I felt like howling my eyes out. That was a bad idea. So then the next best option is reach their place. I didn’t know, where it was. I had only their address and a phone number. I called the number and I spoke in Hindi, but they spoke another language, which I didn’t comprehend. I just disconnected and looked around and found a lady, who had been with me from the very origin of my travel. I told her my dilemma and the first question I asked her was, “What is the language spoken here?”
“Well too bad. I haven’t heard even once before, how, it sounds. Now I heard.” I was literally lost in every sense of the word. I told the girl,
“Look, I do not know, whether, I have to catch a train or a bus or an auto for my onward journey.” She asked the address and I gave her. She looked and shook her head and said,
“I have not heard of this place,”
“Oooooooooooh God!”
“But I have the heard the name of the district. To reach there, you’ll have to go by bus. I’ll take you till there and help you get in the bus. Only that much help, I can do, as I have to join duty, sorry.”
“Its, OK, no problem”, I said smilingly. Inwardly, crying out loudly. Then as if taking my luggage, I just went to Jesus and said, “Whatever the consequences, you should bring me home.”
This bus Depot was the same depot, my cousin gets his bus too, only later I came to know about it. Anyway, to make the story short, I reached home safely under the blanket of stars. And the first, dialogue my family, asked, “How did you reach here without knowing the language or the direction and with all these luggage. One misstep could have led you to the wrong people.” I smiled, who’d believe, that Jesus had brought me here? But I would.
To make miracles happen, just believe in the majesticity of the power of God, the love He has for us and make Him your friend for life because no human can be placed for Him. He is what we say in human tongue, “An All Rounder.” Just take Him with you wherever you go, to the most secretest of places and the specialest of the moments. He is the best which can happen in anybody’s life.
 Don’t pray, just to see miracles, because your existence is a miracle in itself. Look around you, there are more miracles, than you can bargain for. So His power is more than tangible, as a living and loving God. He only wants your unfailing love, rock hard faith and above all humility. Just give all your problems to Him, and have the confidence in Him, then the Act of Miracle would be visible to you too.
So, let us await for the miracle.

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  1. How wonderful!! Both of your stories were inspirational to read. No matter how large or small the problem - taking them to God is always the answer. We would love to have your story featured on The Miracle Diaries -