Tuesday, September 20, 2011


            Its the language of no words, only thoughts, feelings, work in this strata. The first time I heard Silence was when I was in school. But in real life, we don’t have that word in our vocabulary, in short, we have lost the silence. If ever it happens, it is because of natural calamity.
            But have we ever thought, about silence? Today, while I was going to church, there was a big noise, the noise of the flight of the pigeons. There is a place near our church, where they feed pigeons and when a car passed by, it took flight together. It was so much noise, that I wondered, how come, it produced so much noise? To have the feeling of noise, it might have been silent before. This place is Delhi, its one of the busiest place and the time was when the vehicles have not yet reached the road in full swing, the shops had not yet opened, children had not yet started to reach schools. So it was silent. Then it came to mind, why noise is so intolerant for us?
            Then I had to go back, a lot back, when God created the Earth, the Sun, The moon, etc…. Before this creation, there wasn’t anything, which means nothing. We were created from nothingness. And He created us with his word. The word had sound in it and we all know that sound has a vibration. It was a harmonious word and this word was instilled in us too.  To prove that we do have vibrations in our self, is when you hear music, even our body vibrates, our feelings are touched, we feel at peace with ourselves and we feel happy. So next time, when you hear the music, why don’t you look into it? You will not be surprised because, you had known it before but was not aware of it. And noise, is the antonym of harmony. It laps and overlaps all vibrations, making us disoriented in the long run. That is why people become crazy, angry, selfish, etc…
But there are lots of truths in this universe, which in itself is a galore of treasure which one’s lifetime isn’t enough to search for. Man likes treasure hunt and he is actually in search of it. That is why he is craving for worldly things, like the money, fame, enjoyment, luxury, food, etc…This doesn’t lead us to anywhere. We come to where we started, from zero, from nothingness. So it is high time we deviate our path a little so that we accommodate our Spiritual Self, where it is already there in you and have all the answers for your cravings, which we have not yet bothered to look into. These are all connected to the treasures of knowledge and wisdom which has been bestowed upon us, but simply stacked inside. The only way to start is, to start from somewhere, from some point of life, the earlier the better. But how do we start? Well that’s easy. Be silent. Hear your breathing, hear your heart beat, hear your thoughts, leave the outer world outside, just like removing your shoes outside a sacred place. Leave slowly the ego, the thought that I am an important person, I should be respected, I did it on my own, etc… When you are within you, there is nobody, to show off, nobody to feel for you, nobody to give you joy. You are alone and then truth opens to you. You would be in communion with the Supreme Being – Our God.
 Its not an easy process. To say it, is very easy, but when we have to practice, for some it takes only months, but for others it take years and for some a lifetime would not be sufficient. Do you know why this time difference? Its because they have not let go off their ego.

In short, silence is a necessity - A necessity, which we should take time to find it. And get our vibrations back, which we have within us, in harmony, bringing with it harmony in the lives of our own self and for other selves, within nations and nature too. So why don’t you be silent and find the truths of your self one step at a time? Its better late than never. Best of luck.
Take care.

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