Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Wait A Moment, Please

            Just wait a moment! This is a frequent dialogue, we hear this at different stages of life and we do literally wait. This waiting business is not entitled only for the poor but also the rich, not only the young but also the old. Even the just born babies have to wait. Do you know why? Because we feel we have no choice or sometimes, it might be we all are optimistic. Then the next step is we do sit or stand waiting, thinking all sorts of nonsense or sometimes just wait there and watch the passers by.
But why wait? Aren’t there any options other than wait? For me, I feel that wait time can be utilized as the time when we can mould ideas, plans and above all a time to take resolutions. When I wait, I have always thought that it was not by choice we have got to wait, but it is part of the master plan written for us. We all know, in this age, we are short of time, a quality time, where we could spend it with our family, friends and above all a time to ourselves and with God. The importance of time is in utilizing it wisely. We are short of time because we are running behind fun, fame and money. But will we be happy after achieving all these. We’ll see.
I had a friend, who was very sad because he had no money, then he gained so much money that he could buy whatever he wished for, he tried to make his family happy through the hard earned money. He was happy for some time, then he seeing the expense the family incurred made him sad, then he worked hard and hard and no one understood his craze for money, no one bothered about it, his wife and children just spent it and then they squandered it recklessly. He just wallowed himself in misery. then he was diagnosed cancer. Hearing it he couldn’t control his grief, he was bed ridden. He became an introvert, he spoke to no one and  then one day on his death bed he called his kids and spoke I wish I had my old life back, at that time I had only one problem – no money, but I was happy, I was happy even for the little things of daily life. I had lots of memories of that life. But now, I am a changed man, thinking only to amass wealth, no friends, no family. It all happened because I had not allowed myself to wait. If I had waited, might be, I would have been more well off with my life, more happier within myself and more peace with the society. But then who knew that my greed would lead me to deeper sorrow. My children, I know, what I say may not be to your liking, but I want to pass this experience, so that you don’t make the same mistake I did. Money doesn’t make life. It would not make you happy. So don’t run for money, use it wisely, invest it with shrewdness and give it some time, a waiting period to grow. In short, “Waiting is good. You should wait.” it is a good thing if you wait and think before doing something. Because it’s the quality time – a time given to us by God, UtiIize it to the maximum. Then he died, he was much more at peace with himself then, as he had passed on his piece of wisdom from his life experience.
So I would like to say, whenever we have to wait, wait patiently because, its our quality time and it’s a time to feel our own self – A self which makes our identity. Then we would be more than happy to while away our time waiting, to prioritize our destinations and goals, to think whether we are right or wrong. So guys, Just wait a moment, eh.

 And Take Care while you wait.


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