Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forget Not The Path You Have Tread

I remember a story about Hansel and Gretel, being lost in the forest, because, they forgot the path they had come, due to darkness. We all at one time or other, do lose our ways, but when we come to know, that we have really lost our way, then the lightning would strike our heart, asking the question, “Now what?”
            Usually, kids are guided by elders. When they move around, they hold hands, so that the child doesn’t get lost, in the maze of ways and people. This path gets imprinted in the mind each time they take the same way. Then even if it’s midnight they are not frightened to walk the same way for fear of being lost.
            In life too, we have this path. We reach the goal through this path. A path where there were lots of people, lots of mile stones, monuments in life. But when we reached the goal, we forget everything, all these people and milestones since we  reached home safely, and what is there to think about? Its not a big deal. 
When we were kids we have been inculcated to have a goal in life and when the goal is reached, we say that we have become successful. But have we really succeeded?
            Yes, we have really succeeded, but how did we do it? With the help of the people and experiences. Life has taught  certain lessons on the road to the goal. When goal is reached, its finished, but actually, its just the beginning of a life which lay ahead. We are not yet finished with life when we reach our goal. Goals start for every human being from birth onwards – The first milestone – the first cry, The second one – the first smile, then the next and it goes on and on. But, have you thought, how many people were there when we were born? How many hands were there to take us? How many mouths were there to sing a lullaby? And from there starts a saga of milestones, people, experiences.
These people gave the most essential luster to our life. These experiences (good or bad) bring a maturity to our decision. These milestones mark our route to success. So can we forget all these in one go when we reach the ultimate goal? I hope not, we have been moulded as an individual from the path we followed.
I would like to say a story which my mom told when I was young - The story which stuck in my heart, which I never failed to pass at every opportunity I got – “The story of a thief”.
A thief murdered a man while stealing. The flash back of the story was thus, When the thief was just a boy, he used to pick things from his friends bag, neighbour’s house, from wherever he had opportunity to take and his mother never scolded him even once, instead, she encouraged her son, to steal. Ultimately he became a full-fledged thief.
So during his last attempt at stealing, he had to kill a man. The judge sentenced him to death. While he was being sentenced to death, the thief thought about his past and when the judge asked his last wish, he requested to see his mother. As expected, his mother arrived and she cried and spoke emotionally. But the son was not moved. He said, “Mother, I have a secret, which I want you to know.” The mother eagerly went near his son and strained her ear towards her son, lo and behold! he bit a piece of his mother’s ears. She shrieked with pain. He said, “If you had at least  said just once“No” or scolded me or beat me, I would not have been here. This is a lesson, every mother should learn, when they rear their children, Teach them, scold them, correct them, when they do wrong, but the result should be, 'make them good citizens'.”
I do not know whether this story is true or false but it teaches one thing, the people around us and the experience we have with them do have a great role in our being an individual, in moulding our personality. We should acknowledge it at every turn of our life. That is when we make ourselves invincible to others.
As Jawaharlal Nehru told his daughter Priyadarshini in one of his letters, (Discovery Of India) “Each pebble we see has a story to say,” “It’s the same thing, regarding our life too. Each action, every nuance of our expression, every turning point, do have a story to tell.” Cherish it, Never Forget It. It’s with this experience that we become matured - A Complete Person. Respect the people who helped you in growing. Help them when they need it from you. Their blessing is your stepping stone to success. In short, “Forget Not The Path You Have Tread”, you would need it in future – with a new insight.

Take Care & Be Happy.

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