Monday, September 26, 2011


        Criticism, is the act or an instance of making an unfavourable or severe judgment, comment, etc. It is not a very good experience, to always take the brunt of criticism. When I first heard, that there is a profession to criticize, I was really shocked because when someone was criticized in school, home, within friends circle, I had felt very bad about it. I really didn’t like that situation. So I usually do not get into mischief. But in life we cannot grow, without being criticized because we are not perfect. At that time, I felt very very bad, but later I knew that if I had not been criticized, then I wouldn’t have known, that a flaw really existed in me.
            But when I started writing, I really felt, if there was anyone who could help me, by looking my flaws, in my writing, then I could have improved it. But there wasn’t anyone because I had not published it anywhere except my blog and my blog is a place where only my friends who has time to visit, read it. Then I knew the value of a critic. A good critic can produce great works and he can also break it too.
            When constructive criticism continues and continues, it cross the line of control then it extends itself to a slow destruction, ultimately, a death of a soul who receives it. When that happens, better conclude that the critic has a problem either with the author or with himself. What did he earn with it? Self satisfaction? It’s a sadistic behaviour from the part of the critic, isn’t it?
            I, in my life had a critic, a critic, who always criticized me from dawn to dusk. Whatever, he criticized, I tried to correct it and then he will have another thing to criticize, again I would correct it, it happened again and again I made sure, that I don’t repeat the same mistake. After repeated criticisms, I knew I cannot tolerate this torrent of criticism and I came to the resolution, that I am not going to be destructed by this person and he is not going to control my life. The funny part is, when I am away from his presence, wherever I am, I’m the best, only when I’m with him, I am the worst, then I knew the problem was not mine. I tried to hear all the criticism, then I selected, which I felt was genuine and corrected it. But criticism and criticism and criticism do really get into the nerves, I used to think, God, why were these critics born? I feel they are the people who think they have no flaws? Well, I don’t know, because, I am not flawless, I make mistakes, and it is good to say, “I’m sorry”. But when we have only this thing to say, the whole part of the day, then the value of the word is just lost, the genuineness of the feeling is gone. We do not feel anything. Never bother to acknowledge whatever they say. The person has been deprived of the little hope of being good due to constant criticism, a hope to live, like live happily ever after. Then we just live. Life would take a back turn. Thinking, its better to reverse our vehicle and just go the other direction, even if we have neared the goal.
            I learned my lesson in life, Never Criticise. In life, we can be an angel to our fellow beings, when we help them to show the way, with good words and loving suggestions and nsot criticism. They would value it. It is priceless. It is not only a virtue but also a triumph over ourselves. We have become the beacon for a fellow being and in turn, we learn a lesson from them too.
 Criticism should be a beacon and not a wild fire. Criticism should be life and not death. And the person, who criticizes, should have awareness, that he is not above God. God is the only person, who can judge us. So if you are planning to judge others, make sure that you are flawless in your way. Since, that would be difficult, you can give suggestions and advice and not criticism, because, it’s not worth all the heart ache, it generates.
Take care and Be Happy

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