Friday, September 23, 2011

Be A Teacher At Least Once

               Teachers are the masters, who mould the young minds irrespective of caste, creed, colour and stature. That is a known fact, but I knew the value of being a teacher when a child was scolded in public for his mistake, (which had been repeatedly warned), by a teacher without any inhibition of thinking the child being hurt or what others would think. In that audience, there was an advocate and a social worker, they all sat there thunder struck. The teacher, was just a lower primary teacher and she had only half a year of experience with the teaching profession, she is a very soft spoken personality who has a smiling contour, but when she scolded the child, no wonder, everyone just went dumb. Then I knew, the value of having an experience as a teacher.
But how would an advocate or a social worker or people of other professions other than teachers know, how a child’s mind works? They have experience with only grown up people, they consider persons as a human being which is categorized from baby to old man in the same manner but, even a young animal should be trained, only then he can understand, the difference between with words of love and words of reprimand, then they would be fit for the society.
Never postpone anything regarding a child, even if it is a present or a promise or a reprimand, we should do it at the right time. That is the psychology of kids, only then they will respond to us or else don’t bother to correct them, they will ignore you, then you know what will happen to your kid a wasteful person. Do you know how difficult it is to train a wild horse when old. That is the same with the children, give the necessary training in all facets of life, irrespective of what the child would feel, when young and they have the caliber to change, be moulded and above all grow to become a very good citizen. That is the important facet which is necessary in a person - A Good Character.

            The story that brought out this article was, we had two problematic children, who was always naughty, first time they were told nicely, lovingly, that what they did was wrong, etc..etc.. They heard it and didn’t bother to keep a good stance even for a week, when they became problematic the very next week, they were not scolded. The elders loved them again lavishly, showering them with gifts, taking them everywhere, and then when they overstepped the naughtiness a young teacher responded without thinking that they were using the technique of correcting them with love. But anyway, it was effective, they were much better children.
We all think corporal punishment is not good for any living beings, but I feel, if the children don’t understand after explaining to them in different ways,  then the last step is, we overstep the line of control, scold then the next step is corporal punishment,which we have drawn as the final way for correcting the child.
I am a teacher and a mother too, for me the worst thing I cannot tolerate is, scolding and punishing. It really changes the bodily system of mine, the atmosphere of the home and the school. I feel bad about it. But if I don’t have choice, I give only one thrash, which he should know, that he got it for a genuine cause. As the saying goes, “Spare the Rod and Spoil The Child”.  I have felt, my students were the best kids in school. They know, that I do not harass them with harsh words or stick, and so they love me. Whenever I’m in town or wherever they see me, they come and speak to me, that is the gift of showing the children, the right path, being a teacher. If they are corrected properly, if they are shown the right path, they will love you life long, they will thank you lifelong. A teacher is committed to do it. The children would never criticize you afterwards, saying, “It was because, you beat me or you scolded me, miss, my life got spoiled.”
But one thing we should take care of is, never harass the kids for each and everything, then they get fed up of us, only when really necessary, step out of the cocoon of pampering. Only if you feel that  he is continuing in the wrong path. Otherwise, I’d say, I’m also against harsh words and corporal punishment, because they too have to enjoy life, they too have the right to live peacefully and completely, Just like us.
Anyway, I’ll pass a secret, I was grown up with many thrashing and scolding and I’m sure, my parents too, had rowed the same boat and I have never felt that, they had any psychological problems. So it’s a necessity in this day and age to help the children grow with difficulties and burdens, only then they would be responsible citizens, fit to live in the society or else, we can see that they are in the gallows or an ally of a terrorist outfit. So please do not save your child by taking the brunt of all his actions and needs. Be a teacher, when he becomes naughty and be courageous to stand up to him and say “No”, You are not correct, you should rectify it.” Only then he will respect you. He is eligible for your respect, for that you should guide him when young. A teacher is a person who is courageous to speak out when wrong. He is a guide to show the right path to the children. He is a friend who lends his shoulder to burden our fears and sorrows. He is also human.
So be a teacher at least once in a kid's life and do respect teachers, they really are an asset to the society. They are the people who mould the budding society.

And I with all my love and respect, bow to all my teachers who really helped me grow to become a good human being. Thank You My Dearest Teachers.

Take Care and Be happy

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