Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Would Suicide Solve Your Problem?

            I hope not. The first time I saw a suicide was when I was in seventh standard. I had gone to my aunt’s house during holidays and one fine morning I heard that a drunkard hanged himself to death on someone else’s tree which jutted towards the road. Well, from that day onwards I just used another way so as to avoid any ghosts of that man. Do you want to know why he did it? Well just get ready for the shock. His wife scolded him for drinking and wasting money. Isn’t it simply ridiculous? His ego was wounded.
            Now hear another suicide story of a 10th class student. She committed suicide by consuming poison immediately after the 10th results were out. She scored 98 percent mark. She has been scoring it from kindergarten. So everyone expected it. It was not a surprise. But her death was a shock. Do you want to know why she died? Just put on your seat belts. “No one congratulated or patted on her back showing appreciation for scoring such high marks. So she died. Isn’t it crazy? Her hard work wasn’t appreciated.
            And all the debt ridden suicides, love failure suicides, ego hurting suicides all have one thing in common. These people are too chicken hearted to face their problems, their failures,  which they have created on their own. Problems are created from the workshop of the devil – the mind.  I would like to say one story about different attitudes of different people for the same thing. Three blind men were walking through the forest and they were stopped by an elephant. All the three started to feel the elephant, one felt the tusk and said, Oh! I think I found a trumpet and the second was feeling the legs  and he said, No, its a tree a huge tree with no branches and the third one felt the stomach of the elephant and he said, “Surely you are not that blind to see that it is a big rough rock?” And anyway, the elephant was not in a mood to tolerate their findings for he swept all three with his trunk and smashed them on the ground, thus met their death. Here we saw that the elephant is not taken as a whole, they justified only the part they saw. The people who are not courage enough to face their problems have one justification that their part was the correct one. They might be, if they saw the whole problem in different angles.
But that doesn’t happen because that is the game of mind side tracking us from the real issue. Then the mind creates a fantasy world where it is not willing to move an inch this way or that.
            The person who commits suicide thinks of only their point of view, they see how much they did for the family. How much hard work they had done to achieve their goal and yet the family don’t appreciate it, nobody understands them. They’re not being loved. But is it true? We cannot expect everyone to appreciate everything. The only thing in life you should learn is “Just Give Wholeheartedly Whatever You Feel Like Giving. Don’t Expect Anything In Return because all are not like you. They are just human beings with lot of limitations. But you know you are a person who is capable of loving, understanding and appreciating your loved ones. Why don’t you do it in abundance? So that they would know, what  difference you make in their life. Then, you would be invincible ally for them. But the ultimate aim is fulfilled. You feel happy. You feel whole.
             I want to say, to all those who want to commit suicide. Its not a bad thing to save yourself from problems by dying, but before that just think after you die, will you be happy? Just imagine after death you would not have anybody to share your problems. You are on your own. Wallowing in self pity because in the eyes of the creator you have done wrong, then how are you going to be happy? We all know that only physical body dies and the soul lives and you have died with all the problems you had when you were alive as a person. So how will you run away from those problems? Now I have only one thing to say, there are solutions for all problems. The only thing is, you should be strong enough to face it and face it you should.
            When I was small, I used to lose my pencil on a daily basis and as per the boarding rule we get only one chance to ask the boarding mistress for stationery and I get scolding from her everyday. Since pencil was a necessity which I can’t forego I just heard it all, lock, stock and barrel. Then when I loose my pencil, I beg from others to lend their pencil and someone steals that too from me. Their firing and they complain to the boarding mistress and her firing all together it was a nightmare. All this happened when I was just four years old. My parents pay a hefty sum to give a good education and these are all part of it. If all these problems were looked upon as problems then I would have hanged a million times. But at that age my attitude was, I didn’t do anything wrong. Someone stole my pencil and I’m not good at finding and in the boarding all are my friends and foes. So it happens and I’ll have to do is, hear the scoldings. Everyone gets scolding for something or the other. For me, it was only for a pencil, so I was far better than other boarders well that’s life and it was cool too.
            In short, life is hard even if it is for a toddler or a youth or an old man because no one gets any special concessions from life. A blacksmith heats  the iron and beats it to shape to get his desired tool and tools. He doesn’t give any special concession for any iron he has in his workshop. That’s the same way for us too. To get the desired result we also have to go through the same fire of circumstances and gets a good beating on our egos to make us the perfect person. So thinking that nobody loves or understands you is the dumbest thing and for that to commit suicide would have very bad consequences after death.
            So please do not run away from your problem and commit suicide. Life is too good to throw away. Just enjoy it and take your problems as a challenge and solve it like a puzzle. You could be a cool person for the rest of us. Best Of Luck.


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