Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Work?

          The answer might be different for different people. But mostly its for survival, isn’t it? But I would like to add something to it. My parents had their own respective jobs and they planned and executed their money but I have felt that they were different when they go for work and when they arrive another different person totally.
          Work is a necessity, it’s a part of our daily existence. It should be the extension of your person. Just like the hand is part of your body or the leg or the eye, your work should be the extension of you with which you are comfortable. I have seen lots of people who are so excited to go to work and who do not earn a lot with it. But their happiness is what makes them successful. They are invincible in their own field of work. And in the end they are the masters of their trade and ultimately they become successful, financially too.
          If you feel that the profession you have selected is not to your liking, then you become a waste to yourself, to the family and the society because without you being aware  of it, you become a nuisance. You become a burden, a hazard. You won’t be successful in life. But if you are forced to be in a work you don’t like, change your attitude towards the job at hand, just like the job, tell your mind. I know you don’t like this job, but for a change, we both are going to love it. Then learn the trade. Do it wholeheartedly, with love and make sure that you are going to help as much people as you can with your work and see their faces. Then you know, that you are in the right track.
          Dr. Abdul Kalam, he is a famous scientist and former president of India. He wanted to become a pilot but he didn’t get into it and then he was deviated into another job, he could have hated it, but he made sure that he loved the job he had in hand and worked harder and harder to help mankind and now you know where he is. He is famous, rich and loved by one and all. So you should have an attitude to be a change. We all are brought up to have an ambition in life but if we lose on it, then we become losers. But I would say, work shouldn’t dictate whether you should be losers or winners, your attitude does. Its not the job but your attitude is what you should look into.
          Cultivate an attitude, that you are going to become successful in life. Now – a – days parents are giving the meaning of successful as money, car, bungalow and status and they look for their children successful job oriented courses, where money comes in abundance. When the child is born,  doctor and engineer professions were in, so they planned to make their child a doctor or an engineer. Then when she started her high school, nursing abroad became much more lucrative and when she finished high school, IT gained more prominence. But the fact is, they forget what the child needs. If the parents always, speak about money and to amass wealth, naturally, the child’s attitude also directs only in amassing wealth and in the end, they would throw their parents for wealth. Let not that happen. We all know life is a race but not for kids, they should grow with love, humility and service mentality. Only then their work will become a service to himself and to the society. Races are for sprinters, horses and for people who are chased by dogs.
          Work is for the fulfilment of our craving for happiness. We all know, the idle mind is the workshop of the devil, it would be advisable to work, whether at home or in the office. Its a favour you are doing to yourself and others. Just imagine if mother stops working, we would all be in a fix. One day is OK but everyday? We might think, mother is not going to work. She is at home always. She doesn’t have to do any work. How easy it is for her. But I have felt that mothers are more worked out than all of us put together. She has to live according to the liking of her in-laws, husband, her children and makes sure she cleans her house, washes clothes, prepares food and above all, she has to hear the shouting, crying, anger and happiness of all the family. But she is there as pillar of strength, which we are not aware of unless its too late. If a person, without going out can do so much for the family, then imagine, with your work how many people can be affected. So please consider that your work is a service to the society, which you are entitled to do without the greed of the money. And do it with a smile and cherish all the experience you can amass, you are worthy of it.

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