Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trees Are Similar To Man

            We all know the importance of trees. Now I think even the kids too are aware of how to cherish a tree. I am not going to that aspect of trees. But I would like to say how similar trees are to a human beings.
            Do you find any similarity between trees and humans? I know you’d shrug. But I too did the same some 12 years back but I accidentally found out. So I’d like to share it with you all about it. Interested?
            Trees are the upside down version of human being. If in yoga I’d say, trees are in Shirshasana (head stand) posture. If you uproot a tree we can see the roots can be compared to the hair of man and from there downwards even to the very body hair of the human body has been developed in the trees as leaves with pores. So now you know how much we are connected to the trees.
            I brought this topic because I want to make you aware of our identity, our importance in this living earth. We all know we cannot replace tree for something else. They are unique. Their power on us came to be known to human beings when life started on this earth. But do you all know the value of human beings on the Earth? Human Beings are far more advanced than the trees but still we do not value ourselves as a very important being. We do not cherish ourselves like we are precious.
            When we are small we do not care about us, our parents look after it and then as we grow and are able to take our stance, we just do whatever ill treatment to our body, to our soul and when we get old we just ruminate our life in hospital bed or death bed, thinking, it would have been better if we were much more careful with ourselves. So I want to say how much you should take care of us with this example of trees.
            Just giving food and whatever you need to the body doesn’t help man to live its life to the full extent. A soul is there for every living being and that is where we get our identity. Find what your soul needs. You might ask, we are not sure of all body parts, then how are we going to find a soul? Well you know it but you are not aware of it. I’ll give you an example of the presence of a soul in you. You are new to a country. And you are asking directions to a place where you have to go and then you reach the place and have come to the cross roads and no one is there around to direct you and you do not know which road to take and you ask your Self(soul), which road? And your Self replies, well we’ll take the left road, then again you ask, are you sure? then your Self replies, well we’ll just try, and then you go. So now you know that you have a soul which we call Self.
            Now about what soul wants, it wants you to make you happy, that too eternal happiness. When you choose a profession, you can’t give your 100%. You are not happy. You feel like just getting out of there. That means, your soul is not with you, in your decision. This is just an example. If our soul feels happy we would feel it immediately. There are times, even though we get lots of things that make us happy, we are sad inside us. For that we run around. So find what makes your soul happy. For that, you will have to spend your time for the soul and that we get the opportunity to meditate means some time to sit and feel your Self. Its not an easy task but if you persist, we would be the happiest person in life.
            I know that these dialogues are Spanish for you all. But I want you to know, if we care the trees, by giving the right amount of nutrition and the right environment, it would produce the best fruits which would be above all fruits. And we would do anything for the tree if we come to know, that it could produce the world’s unique fruits which could be priceless. That context I put it in our case. Talk to your soul, understand it and give great care to your soul. Then you would be priceless. Don’t just brush yourself away. You are precious and priceless for lots of people around you. Just Know It.

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