Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do You Really Believe In Life After Death?

            To tell you frankly, I don’t know. But can I say something that would make you think? I first heard about water cycle when I was in  third standard. For me until then I knew only about one cycle and that was bicycle. That was a new information - the cycle of nature. Then later we had to study about the life cycle of butterfly, then the day and night formation due to revolution of earth its own axis, then the year happening due to the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Its all a cycle. As we look deeper and deeper we find a common rule to all things in nature. So if there is a cycle in everything, then surely after death we would live isn’t it? Our body might get destroyed or annihilated but our being - the soul exists and takes another form. What do you think? Am I right?
            You know, an idle mind is the workshop of the devil, but for me when I’m idle I dream of lots of things or thoughts I start from where I’m sitting and ends it there. Its not purposefully, it just ends there. So next time when you think or dream just look where it ends – near you. That‘s why I said there is a cycle in all things. I’m not a scientist to prove all these but what I see and feel I told.
            So I’m sure we would live again, but do you know what is the criteria in bringing us back to live again? I’ll tell my thought. When I told dream, we have lots of things we would like to have like a new pencil or dress or home or become a king or a queen, etc... As per nature’s law, its said that when you wish for something it has to materialise for you according to the strength of your wish. So until that gets fulfilled our minds just crave for it and in order to fulfil the wishes, we are reborn to fulfil the need we had when we were in our previous life or the lives before.
            Now, that’s crazy isn’t it? I too think the same. Just imagine, how much we might have wished for in a life time. Well its true. We all in science have studied matter is made up of atoms. Some loosely packed like water and some tightly packed like solids and some very very loosely packed like air. And in the Bible we see  that God created the Earth and all that we see around, from nothing just by a WORD and in Hindu scriptures too it states the same with the word called OM. So now you know that with true feeling if we wish we can make it happen. The only thing is that as mere mortals, we do not know to materialise our dreams. If we fulfil our dreams in this life itself I think we can just live in nature as souls instead of human beings with a finite  next life. Or else we can be happy if we don’t wish for anything.
            I know, its odd not to wish for anything. In this tinsel world and now its so glamourous a life that we have truck loads of needs to be fulfilled, at that time, if we think that we can stay out of wishing, then its simply suicidal isn’t it? But as I said, we are capable of anything. Just look at the ascetics, saints and sages who live a life of meagreness knows that fulfilling a want cannot bring happiness and it won’t stop us from craving for more so the best thing to do is consciously put a stop to our want or else we would always be in misery and being reborn for all nonsense wishes too, and that is a fact. We all know it from our daily life. When you do not get what you want then you are sad, if it continues, you’re a sad man for life.
            So just give a THOUGHT before you WISH for something because we might be born to fulfill a silly wish like to conquer the Mt. Everest or to have a double storeyed building in the moon.

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