Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do We Have A Destiny?

            Its Destiny! This dialogue usually crops up in all dialogues when something goes wrong or something good happens and especially in India. But one thing I don’t understand is, what is destiny? Is there a Destiny? How does it really control our lives?
            For me I’m not a scientist or a very knowledgeable person about anything, but this destiny business has changed my thoughts a lot. In India especially in Hindu families when a baby is born they have a system to write his birth chart, in which all the details of his birth time, day, star, planet and above all his future would be written by an astrologer. The thing is that some are so precise that the person has to just refer his birth manual to plan what to do but some are just flops. But sometimes I feel that if someone can predict, then there might be some grain of truth in destiny? And most of them are doing it too. In this day and age I feel a bit crazy to write it. But something about destiny cropped up while I was talking with my cousin. This made me think.
            Now if, I am a spiritual person, I’d think that God created me and He has some plans and these plans are my destiny. I’m spiritually inclined and all the paraphernalias of spirituality comes along with it. But according to what I know of God, He is a loving father who wouldn’t want us hurt, in that case we should be always happy, then how come we have lots of problems, sickness, sadness, etc.? As per the scriptures, we get what we give. What we sow we will reap. To be exact, If I am planting a mango tree I get a mango and not a banana. If I do nice things to others, we will get nice things back or else bad things happen. Even Newton’s third law of motion states that “For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction.” That is scientific. So now there is scientific proof for spiritual basis of action and reaction. Then how does these astrologers come to know about our future?
            But even now, I have a strange feeling about astrology. In the Bible there is a part during the birth of Jesus, three Magi (astrologers) came to meet Jesus with gifts. They lost their way and went directly to the king of Judea, Herod. They asked, “Do you know exactly where the King of Kings place of birth?” They came to know about it through the star they saw in the sky on that particular day, it was a significant one and they had known about the prophecy of the birth of the king who would rule over all kings. Jesus life was foretold ages back and that is what we see in the Bible and Jesus just about fulfilled till the last word of what was written. So in a way, its getting a bit scary. If the futures can be foretold, then its sure that our futures has been pre destined isn’t it? So I have proved we have destiny.
            Now I know why the dog barks and the cat mews, its their destiny but one thing’s for sure, if I put them in a place where they don’t have an opportunity to bark and mew, then surely the destiny is changed isn’t it? So how do we change it? Well! we have to find a means to change our destiny.  We should, or else we would be just dogs and cats.
            In my family there is a group destiny,  boys are always superior, they cannot work under anybody, so they start an organization or a firm, so that they are the masters of themselves. They cannot tolerate superiority. But that would be difficult in the long run isn’t it? Because there are weaklings too and they too cannot tolerate to work under anybody. So I felt to speak to the weaklings one by one and said, “well, its good to pass your time idly but for how long? Do you know why you are doing this? Because, there is this twisted trait in the family which won’t allow you to work under anybody. So please will yourself to overcome this trait, so that you can work smoothly. But this is  easy talk but the task ahead is just like asking them to drop Mt Everest in the Arabian Sea. You know, these genetic traits are one hell of a hurdle to jump. But I know, if we put our mind and wish for it truly in our hearts then everything is possible, even to switch the Sun and the Moon. Isn’t it?
            Well I have done it. Why don’t you try because switching the Sun and the Moon is easier than trying to change our destiny, just start your night duty. But that doesn’t mean that you can run away from destiny, face it and overcome it. I’m also in the same boat, I’m now in the facing it part phase. Wish me luck to be able to jump into the next phase and Best of luck to you all too.

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