Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Tears?

       Tears, the one thing that couldn’t be replaced with anything in life. For joy, for sorrow, for excitement and for all occasions tears take  the centre stage. When the just born wails out his first cry, the mother cries, initially, out of happiness then later it changes to other reasons. Then the string of cries starts, the young, the old, man and woman all are in league with tears at opportunities uncalled for. But why do we drop the tear?
       Well, for me I got to thinking of tears when my younger son howls out for every possible reason, pouring out his downpour, which makes like putting a stopper to his eyes. Usually in human culture women are more susceptible to tears but now, the culture has completely changed, I feel that the men are vying to equal their stance in tears too, just seeing my son’s tears. Don’t misinterpret.
       So to the matter at hand,  tears have connection with the soul, that’s for sure. It just triggers when something has touched the soul of the person. I remember, a widow who had been given an ultimatum to be thrown out of her husband’s house within 6 months was gifted with a new house. I was there when she took her first step to her house. She was crying profusely when she, with a lighted lamp entered the doorstep, not only me  but all the others who witnessed this scene cried. Then I knew, the power of tears is more powerful than the words of thanks. It was a moment to behold. In short it can be used to say thank you from the very bottom of the heart. Anyway, I’d rather opt for thank you than tears.
       Another scene which I often expect tears is during the beauty pageant contest. When the crown is named, there are tears from the beauty without marring the make up. But I do not know how she manages it but when the beauty drops her tears I have a smile, feeling happy for her. But I think this type of crying can be had only through sheer practice, what do you all think? Well, good for the beauty or else the whole world would have a bad impression of her if she didn’t cry and if she cried a lot a bad photo ensues, isn’t it? So, we’ll let her cry beautifully.
       But do you know, that tears can cure you? Well, I had to study a poem in 3rd class, “Home They Brought The Warrior Dead”. In that poem the poet describes  really heart rending scenes to make the wife of the warrior to weep or else she will die of broken heart. And to be frank, I too was relieved by the last two lines of the poem,
“Like Summer tempest came her tears,
Sweet my child I live for thee.”
       Even I too cried with that wife, or else I too would have died heartbroken, thinking how much grief the lady is suffering. This proves that tears are a cure to our hurting soul. Its a vent hole to our anger. It is a connecting cord with all the human souls - The invisible bond which ties us together with the next human being. So, the next time when something stirs within you when someone cries, just don’t let it pass by feel it and share it. That’s what tears are for.
       But I’m not sure with my son, I’ll have to speak to him regarding that, at the earliest or else I’ll have to keep a bucket handy, if I have got to feel and share it with him, Just joking.
       So now you know why tears? – To cry, silly.

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