Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reduce Fever

Fever is not a disease but a symptom for another malady. But if we do not treat it timely, we’d face a life threatening situation.
Usually when the fever shoots up, the hospital gives a sponge bath. Then at home we try to give bath or put a cold press on the forehead. But that cold press would be the undoing of our body immunity. If  we are not careful as in a hospital atmosphere, the chances of the patient getting cold, chest infection and ultimately pneumonia are more.
But I have a suggestion to make. To reduce fever, take a wet handkerchief which is sodden ( soaked) with ice water. Make the patient to hold the handkerchief in his left hand and when it gets dried resoak it and give it to the patient to hold in the same hand. Make sure he keeps his hand away from the body and a dry towel under his hand so that the excess water doesn’t wet his bed. Do this for one hour continuously and you will see the result. But don’t do this when he is sleeping at night, I suggest it be performed before sleep. This treatment helps the body not to aggravate fever during his sleep.
Look whether it would work. Why don’t you try it?

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