Saturday, July 30, 2011


          I have always thought that prayer is saying all the prayers we have studied, for making us rich, for making us studious, for getting a house, etc...There are loads of readymade prayers for all occasions but isn’t there something missing in it? Yeah, even I have felt it too. Normal human being is still striving to find, what is it?
          I believe in God. I have full faith in Him. But I have felt that He doesn’t need all these readymade prayers. I, in my life had everything in life, whatever I wished for, everything came in abundance but they didn’t bring one thing, and that was happiness, peace and above all contentment.
          We do not get it even if we strive for it. Happiness, peace & contentment cannot be bought, we feel we can be happy if we had this, but when we get that we are not that much happy as we had thought, then what again? Search for another reason to be happy.
          Nothing can bring the fulfilment, it should come from within,  from the soul. But I found out very early in life and that too accidentally. I was totally alone in my boarding, as my parents were late to arrive (approximately 1 1/2 days) to collect me and I was sitting talking to God, because we have a tendency to look at Him  when the trouble comes to say, You did this to me. I was also just doing that.  I felt that the reason for all my miseries was because of God. So I asked Him, Why? Why are you hurting me so? Why did you bring me to life? Why me? etc..etc.. I didn’t get any answer but I was at peace, do you know why? All the staff in the boarding were sooooo caring, they made sure I did not cry. So I loved every moment of the time when I was alone. I was not angry with my parents. He made my life a bit good for the moment. At that time I was just 6 years old and I thought, “Oh, because I asked, he heard.
          So from then on, I thought its better to say whatever happens to Him and He will solve it easily, Why worry? I had this habit of talking to God, saying lots of things, everyday things, my happiness, my fears, my dialogues, my thoughts, everything and He helped me a lot in solving my problems. Just imagine how much a 6 year old boarder could solve a problem? But I solved it, because I was not who solved it. He placed the right persons in front of me and gave me the right words too. Thus I was saved until now from lots of dilemmas in life.
          Now I feel that boarding life was my best life because I had a lot of time for Him. I didn’t pray a lot but I spoke with all my heart as I do to a friend and thus Jesus became my friend because I knew Him. Even now, I’m not good at all the readymade prayers but I speak to him secretly with all my love to a person who loved me from my childhood. That’s how you would feel to a person, who helped you in every turn of life, won’t you?
           But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any problem and am always happy. God, I have lots of small, small, little, little problems. Well! THAT’S LIFE. But He gives us the strength to overcome it. That’s where prayer comes.
            Prayer is the heart felt speech to God - The All Powerful Person. It doesn’t need any grammar or beauty in language. But it needs one thing – love and genuineness. If its there, then don’t worry, your prayer would be answered. That’s for sure. Why don’t you try? Just speak with your heart to the Lord you believe. Then you can see the miracle.
Hope to see  lots of miracles.

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