Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Mother

Hundreds Of Dewdrops To Greet The Dawn,
Hundreds Of Bees In The Purple Clover,
Hundreds Of Butterflies On The Lawn,
But Only One Mother In  The Wide World Over.

Honourable Teachers And My Dear Friends.

          I’m going to speak a few words about “My Mother”. My mother is the best person on earth. She wakes up early in the morning and sends a silent prayer to God for the prosperity of the family. She, without a grudge works from dawn to dusk for the family. She wakes me up with her soft hands ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead. She carries me to the kitchen for my ritual coffee. I sit on her lap and she talks to me softly even though she has a thousand and one odd jobs. This is how she readies me to face the world.
          She helps me in my studies and also plays with me. She dances with me taking away my inhibitions. She encourages me at every point.  She always has a ear for me. I can ask her anything even the moon from the pitch black sky and I’m sure she won’t deny it, do you know why? Because she is my mother.
          She is always there to wipe my tears and kiss my hurts. But that doesn’t mean that she is not stern. She spanks me for my misdeeds but cuddles me to sleep with her crazy lullabies which even ghosts could vanish from thin air. With her by my side I can conquer the whole world. That’s why I would say my mother is the best person which God has given me and I would never part with her for anything else in this world.
Thank you.


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