Sunday, July 24, 2011

How To Prevent Diseases In Infants

            When I was a new mother, I was really excited to be the perfect mother. Actually I was lucky not because I took care of him but because the paediatrician gave me a Multi Vitamin Drop. Its name was A***@@**!!. I do not want to say it because, it’s not fair. My mother, a nurse by profession, said, “Meena, I gave you this same medicine.” Oh! that’s wonderful, my child is following the same legacy. But the 2 day old child started showing expressions when I gave this medicine and then it was O.K. But after 1 week and after one month too the expression didn’t seem to change and I was a bit confused. So I just tasted a little. I do not know whether I should spit it or to vomit it. Such was the taste and immediately I disposed of the medicine, because if I cannot tolerate this medicine why should I make my child tolerant. I immediately went to the paediatrician and asked for a much more tastier multi vitamin drops and he prescribed “Delices”. The first thing I did was taste it and it tasted good. So I gave it the very next day and the child started opening his mouth for more and then it became a ritual. Until he was in class II I continued with this medicine and you know what all diseases he became immune to during this period?
a)     Common Cold & Cough
b)    Fever
c)     White patches on the face and
all small ailments that haunted the child. Until the age of 7 any petty maladies is a nightmare for the parents.
Woodward’s Gripe Water, a spoon of it everyday with Delices would keep away all stomach troubles. So in short, I hadn’t any problem with bickering kids during night. I could sleep peacefully. So for all new mothers, try it, to get some sleep.
Hope it would be useful  for you all.
Take care.

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