Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Advice Of A Mother To Her Daughter – Part II

6.     No Work Is Menial. Do The Job Wholeheartedly. Never think a work is menial. For example, A plumber is a necessity in our society without him our pipes would be leaking. We won’t have anybody to fit the pipes and motors. A mechanic is very important. Though they do not have much of an educational qualification. Their way of working, whether there is perfection, that what counts in the end. Work should be in the standard of how you do it. When you do a job with love and dedication no one can outdo you. You’d be the best in the field. I have a plumber, whenever I call him he comes with a smile on his face and does the job quick and neat. So I’m happy to give the amount he asks.
7.     Take Risks To Be Creative. Once in a while try to give something different than to always walk on usual road. My aunty, she cooks very tasty dishes. The speciality of her cooking is, she cooks food with a difference. When she prepares chappathi, she adds some more ingredients like cumin seed, a bit of pepper powder. So naturally it would taste a bit different. She does some change in all recipes. Food is one thing which we have to think twice before making any change. But It is a risk worth taking. And for me I’m not frightened to be with my aunt to test her recipes. This is just food. There are many a ways you can be creative and innovative. Just take the risk.
8.     Never Say No But When The Situation Is Such That Don’t Be Frightened To Say No. In my experience I have got more “No”s from my son who is of 12 years old. Its because of his laziness that he says no. When someone asks something like for example, Mom asks, “Child, would you be able to go to the grocery shop to buy some oil or sugar or soap” Don’t answer in the negative because, she expects an yes because she needs it badly. And if you’re OK healthwise and timewise. Then you should do it. But if your friend is asking an answer during exam then you can say “NO”. If you’re caught you can be rusticated from school or expelled temporarily. This would affect badly in your life. So you have to set your priorities in saying NO.
9.     When You Buy Household Things Plan To Use It For The Next 10 Years. So Buy Quality Things. I remember my mom bought a double door big fridge when we were small and all the family members were scolding her, why did you buy so big a fridge? You know, you don’t need so big. Its simply a luxury, etc.etc.. She didn't say a thing. She just smiled. Then later I asked, "mom,why did you buy a big fridge?" She replied. After 15 years you would all grow up and get married and then you would have your own family with kids and at that time when you visit me, I will have to prepare lots of things and keep it in the fridge. At that time, I do not want to dispose off this fridge and buy a new one. I was thinking of using it for the next 25 years. So I bought it big. And to tell you the truth, it stayed. She really prepares lots of food and stores in it and the fridge is still like new. Thanks for her forethought.
10.     Always Respect Your Elders.  India is a land of cultural background. Usually the young get up when they see the elders coming. Its an act which shows their respect. But its only an action. We should respect them with words, behaviour and attitude. They have a lot of experience than us. If we respect them they would reciprocate their appreciation through their wisdom. So always respect your elders. They are an asset to the family.
To be continued....

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