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Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12d-Last Chapter

          John, Lisa, Spidey and Antsy bid the three wizards farewell and left them to catch up on their news. Spidey knew that now he and Antsy had to decide what they have to do with their lives. It is not correct to always depend upon John for their livelihood. Seeing Spidey in deep thought Antsy took hold of his hand and squeezed it. Spidey, seeing the serene face of Antsy was relieved. He knew with the presence of Antsy in his life he could face any problems easily. They all reached the parlour.
          John and Antsy excused themselves as they were not properly dressed for socialising. Antsy sat near Spidey and enquired, "What is it?" Spidey didn’t voice his problem loudly, but he wanted to hint but Antsy surprised him, “Are you thinking of leaving, Spidey?” Spidey couldn’t believe his ears, but he was relieved. I don’t know, what to do. Do you think its right to always live here depending John and Lisa? Antsy shrugged (lifting both shoulders). “Well to be frank we are the dependants Spidey” Spidey and Antsy turned to see John and Lisa in the doorway elegantly dressed and very aristocratic.
          John came forward and sat near Spidey and Antsy, Lisa followed him. He looked directly at Spidey and said, “Your presence was not your choice but our necessity, just think, how long we had to wait for the curse to happen, if you had not come, the fear, the anxiety. We were living a nightmare (dreadful dream) until you arrived and we cannot say how much we appreciate your presence. This home and all the lands connected to this place has been already deeded for you. We cannot change it. We have other places and lands which is more than enough for our life and for future generations. There are some more for you too, which in your own good time, I’ll show you.”
          “Now I want to ask an important question”, Antsy and Spidey looked at each other and John continued. “Spidey you have been transformed as me and Antsy as Lisa. As a human being you are of age to get married. Since you both don’t know any other human being outside our circle except for Roby, I think you are the perfect partners. That is the usual habit of human being. So you both should consider it at the very earliest. Spidey and Antsy nodded.
          Lisa came near Antsy and said, “Antsy, here we marry a person whom we love. Love is a feeling of the heart. When you are in love with Spidey, You would know, what Spidey is feeling. You would feel comfortable when Spidey is around. You would like to be always with Spidey. You cannot let go of Spidey out of sight, you are never angry with anybody, you are always smiling, you are always happy, etc.... That goes for Spidey too.” Antsy shyly bowed her head and Spidey knew then, he was in love with Antsy and he got up and said, now I know what I was feeling, thankyou Lisa, you did a great favour. I would like to announce in front of everybody that I’m in love with Antsy and I would like to marry you Antsy. Antsy was blushing, but she looked up and spoke to Spidey, “I would love that.” Both John and Lisa got up and congratulated both of them and John took them to the family vault where there were lots of heirlooms and together they searched the jewellery boxes for the ring, which they found with great difficulty, the rings of Sir and Lady Bradley’s was Spidy's and Lisa's choice.

          Spidey and Antsy were married in the private chapel in the castle with only 6 guests. They had five children, three boys and two girls. John and Lisa moved to another castle not far from Spidey and Antsy, they too had three children, two girls and a boy. Both the families made sure that they met every weekend and they made their tours and excursions together. The businesses and money matters were decided jointly by Spidey and John.
          There was never a fight with Spidey and Antsy as they had the insect instincts too. This instinct was passed on to the children, as they didn’t fight either, they had simple thoughts, very hardworking and were the best of kids.  They all lived happily for many years.

The End
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