Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12c

          Both the human forms just like Spidey and Antsy, except for the dark hair stood at the doorway. Both Spidey and Antsy stood up and all the others followed with wonder and awe (admiration). They couldn’t believe it. But still it was the truth -  a happy truth. Master Troy turned towards Ramo and patted on his shoulder. You have indeed done a great job son. I’m really proud of you. Troy pulled Rufus towards him and embraced him and whispered, “Thanyou son, your duty has been fulfilled.
          Lisa couldn’t believe that she was transformed into her old self. She felt like a treasure box. She would never part with it. She would cherish what she has with her life, to become a human being.
          John felt his body, his hands, legs, face, eyes. Gone were the Spindley legs and loads of eyes. It was wonderful to have been bestowed as nature’s best of creatures – a human being. He looked around to find Lisa, as beautiful as she was or has she become a bit more beautiful? But he was glad. He went straight to her and embraced her so tightly, that they forgot they had audience. Rufus cleared his throat and said, “Welcome back John, Lisa. How do you feel? Are you comfortable?” They both smiled and Spidey came to John and shook hands and Antsy hugged Lisa and said, “Oh, I’m sooooooo happy.” Me too. John moved towards Ramo and shook hands and said, “Thankyou Ramo.” I’m glad your antidote succeeded.
          “The credit goes to Rufus”, master Troy spoke. While Ramo was preparing the antidote, Rufus wished for the success of your antidote under the wishing tree. All eyes widened. John and Lisa went towards Rufus and hugged him and thanked him for the timely help. Ramo came to him and said, “Rufus, thankyou for helping me and I would like to request you one more thing and I feel master would also like it .” Ask away, I would do anything for you Ramo. “Can we live in one place, master, you and me?” Well said, Ramo, Well said, master voiced his appreciation. Rufus smiled and replied, “I would love it, but I’m just a tenant here. I should ask the permission of John and Spidey. Spidey looked at John wide eyed. Seeing the confusion, John shook his head and smilingly replied, “Rufus, you know, my forefather has given freely the residence for your stay and that goes for the freedom of choice too. You can decide who should stay and who should not. All are welcome. If you need a much more bigger place, we could help you build your own place in this land. “No”, the trio chorused. Then Rufus continued, this place is more than enough and we thank you  for accommodating us.

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