Friday, May 20, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–The Reunion-Chapter–12b

          He took the two bottles, kept it on the table and turned towards John, “Please do come forward John.” John did as he was told and Ramo joined his hands as in prayer and closed his eyes in front of John and spoke softly but clearly, “I’m really sorry for the curse I had cast upon your forefather which you had to go through for no reason of yours and your wife Lisa’s. I would really like to rectify my mistake. Ramo opened his eyes and looked at all the assembled and at John and Lisa. Everybody felt, it as a genuine apology. John cleared his throat and said, “Ramo, it’s OK. We accept your apology. Everyone do make mistakes, at least you are able to bring us back to our natural forms. But most of the time we won’t be able to correct our mistakes. Everybody nodded.
          Ramo asked John to follow him to the adjacent (nearby) room. Rufus extended one of his gowns to Ramo. With the gown and one of the bottles, they both went to the adjacent room and closed the door. Lisa was very nervous. She couldn’t stop herself from squeezing her antlers. About five minutes after, which everyone felt like ages, the door opened and Ramo came out, alone. He closed the door behind and said, “I’m sorry”, everybody sat there stunned, unable to respond. But Ramo continued, John is dressing, he’ll be here soon. All exhaled at the same time that, it felt like a blast of air. The relief was palpable (clear). Ramo turned towards Lisa, “Are you ready Lisa?” Lisa nodded. “Please follow me”, Ramo directed her to another room with the remaining bottle of potion and a gown Rufus had extended. They closed the door and all waited for sometime. Ramo came out and sat near his master with a small smile playing on his lips. Spidey and Antsy were sitting together, they didn’t know what to expect as they had not seen John and Lisa in their human form, but still, they wanted their friends to be happy.
          After an hour, both John and Lisa opened their doors simultaneously (same time). Rufus was sitting there with crossed fingers. He knew nothing would go wrong as he had wished it under the wishing tree but still he was really scared to face what was in store. Master Troy in his entire life hadn’t had the opportunity to see the effects of curse antidote. As he was not a person to curse anybody and he usually didn’t tolerate his pupils harm anybody and especially through curses, it was more harmful, than fighting.  

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