Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11d

          Really! so its true, that it can make anything happen? “Yes Rufus, Anything can happen, but it should not harm any other living being only then it would work or else it would do more harm than good. Do you have anything to fulfil, Rufus?” Rufus smiled shyly and said, “Yes master I have two wishes to fulfil.” I have come to wish for John and Lisa who are now spider and ant to be transformed to their old selves when Ramo gives his curse antidote and my second wish is, I want to nullify the effect of Infinity leaf from my body, so that I can live a complete life with surprises and fulfilment. Master Troy nodded understandingly. "Then don’t waste time, better wish when the moonlight is still on the tree."
          Rufus took his wand and touched a silver bud of the tree and closed his eyes and wished for John and Lisa. Then he touched another silver bud and wished for himself. He felt an electric current passing through him and immediately his eyesight became dim and he felt like a normal person. He was very happy. He shouted loudly. “What is it Rufus? Has your wish been granted?” Yes master and now I’m the old Rufus”. Rufus stepped on to his broom and master too had his own broom and they both took the same destination- The house of Rufus. They stayed there, the night and when the sun rose, Rufus was ready to face the world as he had not seen the sun for ages and he felt so happy to feel the sun and he danced in the forest in broad day light. He took his broom and swished and slashed the air around the forest and warmed himself in the sun.
He came down, when he saw Roby and Antsy playing in the forest with Rambo. Seeing Rufus in the sun, Antsy was surprised. She asked, “I thought that you cannot move during day time.” Rufus smiled broadly and said, “Until yesterday, it was like that, but today, I have become my old self.” Antsy’s eyes widened, Are you saying that you have become...? Rufus didn’t let her complete, Yes I’m not going to live eternally. My duty now is complete. My master is also with me here. “Really! Can I meet him?” “Sure, why not? Hey Roby, coming for a ride on my broom?” Oh Sure. Roby jumped on to the broom and Rambo followed him but Rufus extended his magic wand and commanded “Stillo Silento”. Rambo stood there silently watching the two take off in the broom. Roby couldn’t control his excitement. He whooped loudly and they flew all over the forest several times and landed near Rambo. Rufus touched Rambo with his wand and commanded “Unstillo”.
Wow! that’s cool uncle Rufus. Can you teach some magic to control Rambo? Rufus, rustled Rambo’s hair and spoke kindly, Roby, the good and kind words that come from your mouth is what we call magic and when you use it always, you weave a magic blanket around you. There is no separate magic. When your words are put into action, we call it magic. The nature is full of magic. When the sun rises, its magic. When the flower blooms, its magic, when the rain falls, its magic. Likewise, when you do something good its magic, when you smile, its magic. When you act kindly, its magic. Just see it around. Feel it in you. Trust me, there would be someone who would  teach you magic because you have helped us a lot. Just wait.

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