Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Taking Action-Chapter–11a

          Rufus placed his wand on the mixture and lo behold! all the ingredients were absorbed into the wand and he took the wand and placed it on Ramo’s legs and electric sparks started emanating (coming out) from  the mixture applied on the legs and Ramo could feel his feet, he could wriggle (move) it, then he began to move his legs and suddenly Ramo was standing on his own two feet. He started to walk, run, jump, shouting “I can walk again. Oh Rufus, thankyou sooooooooooo much” and he hugged him so tightly that Rufus breath stopped in the middle.
          After sometime, when Ramo’s excitement subsided (came down), he came towards Rufus, who was sitting on the couch. He sat beside him and asked seriously, “What can I do for you Rufus in return for this favour?” Rufus smiled and said, “Nothing, I have one more thing to give you.” Ramo looked at him quizzically. “Your Magic Power”. Ramo’s eyes widened, you could bring it back? Rufus nodded and extended his wand towards the air and started chantic some magic words and touched it on Ramo’s head and the spoke Ramo extend your hand and immediately his magic wand came flying to him. Ramo couldn’t belive his eyes, his luck. He couldn’t stop his tears, he didn’t know what to do. He just held his wand so tightly and cried. It was a rebirth for Ramo and that he would cherish it.
          He opened his eyes and saw Rufus looking at him intently and then Rufus spoke, “Ramo I need your help.” Ramo looked surprised, Rufus continued, The Antsy who came to meet you in the morning was the result of your curse. Ramo’s breath caught in his throat. “Yes I think you know the curse.” Ramo nodded, he had only cursed only once and that he did it at the time of his anger.
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