Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventures of Spidey–Face to Face-Chapter–10c

To bring you back to your own good self. Troy used to say that you were very understanding and kind and helpful. You were the best he has ever found. But you got deviated. How did it happen, Ramo?
Ramo slowly closed his eyes and lay down deep into his bed. Then he opened his eyes and looked towards the ceiling and tried to remember the incident which turned her life. It was just like it happened yesterday. He was 20 and he had only one wish – to become a great wizard. But one day as I was walking through the forest there was a heavy downpour and I just ran to a shade of a big tree. I had to wait for sometime for the downpour to stop. As I was waiting I found a big hole in the tree I just peeped through the hole but it was dark. I with my wand lighted the place and I found a very old book. I slowly took it to my room and in that I found very rare and powerful magic. I was very happy and I tried to practise it in my room, but before long, my teacher, Troy found out and he warned me not to learn these as it would be dangerous for the human existence. But I was young and I didn’t hear it. I felt very angry with him and I left his place and found my own place, here and I started practising it and it wasn’t very difficult for me. I became wild and reckless. I didn’t care for anyone or anything. I became very selfish.
My only aim was to find the infinity leaf and give myself an eternal life. But years back I was on the verge of getting the infinity leaf, but I lost it by a hairline. I cursed the man who killed my parrot and terminated my life for sometime, so as to arrive when the infinity tree will sprout, which usually happens every 200 years. I was obsessed (possessed) by this aim that I got a parrot and was training when I became paralysed. Now I know, the value of our life. I was running behind this infinity leaf that I forgot to enjoy life. I lost my teacher, his support, love and care. I’m really not fit to live. Ramo covered his anguished face and began to cry.
Rufus placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “Ramo don’t cry. I know how miserable you are and Troy too knew, how it would end. So he taught me everything I should know and prepare me, when you need help. He had the same book you had and he passed on to me. I learned it. But for me what you were searching came to my doorstep. Ramo got up with a start and exclaimed, “you got the infinity leaf?”
See you tomorrow, until then, bye.


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